WordPress Analytics & Conversion Rate Optimization Plugin

With HumCommerce Plugin easily track and analyze user behavior, record sessions, create conversion funnels for your WooCommerce Website

WordPress Analytics Plugin for WooCommerce Website

HumCommerce is a WordPress Analytics and Conversion Optimization plugin for your WooCommerce website that will help analyze user behavior and boost conversions. 

Visitor Recordings

See video recordings of how store visitors behave on your website.


See click, hover and scroll maps of visitors' mouse movements.

Goals & Funnels

Visualize your store's funnel & see which pages visitors drop off.

Visitor Analytics

See traffic sources, visitor locations and visitors profile on your dashboard.​

How HumCommerce helps you grow your E-Commerce Business?

Track and Analyze how users interact with your woocommerce store. Identify corrective actions and implement them to watch your sales grow.

Setup E-Commerce Funnels 

Identify the pages in your conversion funnel where visitors are dropping off.

Watch Session Recordings

Watch users interact with your website pages and find the reasons why visitors are dropping off without  buying.

Take corrective actions

Make changes to your website to fix the problems identified and see your e-commerce sales soar.

Why Choose HumCommerce?

With HumCommerce, you can get all actionable insights that will help you boost your conversions

Visitor Journey

See what actions do visitors take on every page of your website and where they are dropping off.


Identify critical errors on the website through recordings and make changes to get better results.

User Behavior

Visualize how your users traverse and interact with your site and identify content issues.


E-Commerce Funnels tell you about user activities important to the success of your business.

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HumCommerce has become the most trusted plugin for WordPress websites.

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Intuitive Setup...

With just a few easy steps you can setup HummCommerce plugin.

Just download and install the plugin, and you can start tracking all the data in  WordPress with absolutely no coding required.

Easily track your website visitors behavior

HumCommerce will provide you actionable insights of how users are interacting with your website.

Easily understand the movements of your visitors like click and scroll. 


Get actionable insights and see your conversions go up

Discover the critical issues in your visitor’s journey and make the necessary changes in your website. 

See your e-commerce conversion metric go up.  

Frequently Asked Questions

HumCommerce requires at least WordPress 4.8 and a modern web browser for viewing the admin. We also support IE10 or below for viewing the HumCommerce admin area. 

Support is available via the Support tab of the My Account page on this site. Or simply raise a ticket to [email protected].

Yes. You can sign up for a free HumCommerce plan that provides access to all our features including heatmaps, session recordings/replays, and deep e-commerce integration tools and more.

Once you’ve installed HumCommerce, you can launch our tool from the “Launch Dashboard” button on My Account page.

No. You don’t need a developer. HumCommerce plugin allows you to enable all advanced E-Commerce analytics tracking features with just a few clicks.

Yes. With HumCommerce plugin you get access to our additional features like heatmaps, visitor recordings, and surveys. Click here to check out all HumCommerce features

Yes, HumCommerce is a WordPress plugin, but it will also work on Magento, Prestashop sites.

No. It will not affect your website speed or performance in any way. Analytics will get loaded asynchronously which means it will not slow down your website speed or performance.

Yes! HumCommerce works perfectly with WordPress MultiSite.