Behaviour Analytics WordPress Plugin

Why aren’t your visitors buying? We will find out. And let you know

Automated Anomaly Analysis. False  /  Dead Clicks. Frustrated / Rage Clicks. Error Clicks.

You don't need a CRO consultant...

Here’s what we do. We record all visitor sessions for your website. We track abandoned carts and present everything you need to know right within your WordPress Dashboard. You don’t need to go anywhere else to log in or create an account.

What is the cost of your abandoned carts?

You’ve noticed that your ‘customers’ often leave your website with items left in their cart. Have you calculated the cost of that lost business though? With HumCommerce’s Magic plugin, you can find out exactly how much revenue you can potentially recover. And how.

How do I know which session recordings to watch?

There are plenty of awesome tools out there to record visitor sessions. But all they do is generate thousands of session recordings, or worse still, they just pick random samples without applying any intelligence to that selection.

So, how do you decide which session recordings are important enough for you to watch? What if you end up ignoring the most important ones?

Which is why, we will tell you exactly which session recordings to watch.

How do we know this stuff?

We don’t claim to understand your business.
But, we understand websites. We understand visitor behavior – scrolls, clicks, mouse movements, even the pauses!

Hands-free, Stress-free Optimization.

No mumbo-jumbo. No random guesses.

Get clear, actionable insights and recommendations that dramatically improve your sales.

What we believe...

Collecting data is easy.  Making sense of it, is the hard part.

We analyse your data and help you draw the right conclusions.

Can you do it yourself?

Of course, you can. 

But we believe it is best we do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on growing your business.

How do I get started?

  • Install HumCommerce’s free User Session Recording WooCommerce Plugin
  • Activate the plugin and click on the button ‘Show Me The Magic’
  • After you accept the terms and click the button, HumCommerce will start recording sessions for all visitors who come to your website
  • After 24-48 hours, the data will be ready for you to view in your WordPress Dashboard (you will receive an email alert)
  • You will be shown a list of 20 recordings for abandoned carts and frustrated visitors
  • You will get an email every day, until you deactivate or delete the plugin
  • Data for up to 7 days is stored and can be viewed by you at any time
  • You also get an email alert every day, sent to the email id associated with your WordPress website (you can change it in the settings)

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