Visitor Analytics

Centralised view of all visitors

Everything you want to know about every single visitor on your website.

Lifetime view of all actions about all visits in one place. Keywords used for searching via Google or Bing

Visitor Analytics

Features – 
  • Visitor Log
  • Purchase, Location, Language, Time
  • Visitor Profile
  • Users Flow (Navigation)
  • Real Time View
Usage – 
  • View all visits for each user
  • Slice your data via different dimensions
  • See details for every page, every action, every purchase
  • Compare data between two periods

Visitor Analytics

Easy setup

No set up required. Only add the tracking code

Session Recordings

Access recordings directly from visitor log and profile

Visitor Profile

View IP Address, Browser, Location, Device, Screen Resolution

Aggregated data

Total Time spent across how many visits. Average page speed

Evolution over time

Trend over time across location, device, time of the day

Full Story

All visits, all actions linked to one single visitor id

How engaged are your visitors?

How many days does it take for your visitors to return to your website

How may visitors return more than once to your website

What is the average time spent on your website

What is the average number of pages viewed by visitors