Video and Audio Media Analytics

Track the ROI for your video and audio content

Measure the performance in terms of user engagement for your video and audio content. Get deep insights into how your users are interacting and consuming with your video and audio content.

Media Metrics

Features – 
  • Real Time Data ( Most Popular last 30 minutes, 24 hours)
  • Visual Map View for Audience Location
  • Play rate, Impressions, Average play time, Finishes
Usage – 
  • Identify which videos are watched most often
  • Find out what your visitors did before and after watching your video
  • Discover how much of your video is watched

Media Analytics Features

No setup

No setup needed if you have HumCommerce already

Session Recordings

Watch session recording for each segment

Real Time Data

Media Status right now for visitors on your website

Segmented Visitor Log

Access visitor log directly for each segment

Evolution Over Time

Compare data over a period of time for each form / across all forms

Key Statistics

Most popular, Average time spent, Average length watched, Finish rate

Media Analytics can help you to answer these questions

  • What is the average amount of time that your video is watched?
  • How do visitors from different countries engage with your video?
  • Are your website visitors watching it? How much of it?
  • How many videos were watched by your mobile visitors and how many by desktop visitors?
  • Which regions are your videos most popular in?
  • What did your visitors do before and after viewing your video?
  • You made changes to your video – how did that impact viewing behaviour?
  • What is the most popular time of the day for your video?

Setup in just a few clicks, and start tracking data in your dashboard instantly.