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How to Manage Ratings in Magento 2

How to manage ratings in Magento 2

Product ratings play an important role in sales conversion. Customers buy products based on good ratings and reviews. Your customers trust their peers and buy the product based on previous buyers’ experience. According to Local Consumer Review Survey 2016, 58% of consumers depend on ratings for buying decisions. The survey also points out that 87% of the users will buy a product if the rating is between 3-5.

Ratings are not only the means to better sales but also better reputation. In Magento 2, you can customize what areas of the product and your business do you want the customers to rate.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to add custom ratings and edit existing ratings in Magento 2.

Adding Custom Ratings

To add a custom rating criteria, go to Stores => Rating (under Attributes):


Click on Add New Rating button to add new rating criteria:


You’ll be displayed a New Rating form:


In the New Rating form, fill in the Rating Information:

  • Rating Title:
    • Default Value: Specify the name of the rating factor you want to add here.
    • Default Store View: Leave this empty for Magento to use the default value.
  • Rating Visibility:
    • Visibility: Set for which store views you want the rating to be visible on the product detail page.
    • Is Active: Tick this checkbox if you want to use the rating in product reviews.
    • Sort Order: Set the display priority of your new rating here. Sort order ‘0’ means the highest priority. As we have already set rating criteria in our store, we are using ‘2’ as our display priority for our example.

Once you’re done filling in the rating information, click the Save Rating button to add the new rating.

Editing Existing Ratings

If you want to edit an existing rating, go to Stores => Rating submenu from Admin area.


Make changes to the Rating Information by editing the forms in Rating Title and Rating Visibility sections discussed in the previous section.


Once you’re done editing click on Save Rating button to save the changes.