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How to Manage Customer Accounts in Magento 2

How to Manage Customer Accounts in Magento 2

Managing customer accounts is one of the most important things to learn to run your ecommerce store efficiently. There are many things you can do with a customer account in Magento 2. You can –

  • Delete Accounts
  • Subscribe a customer to your newsletters
  • Unsubscribe a customer from your newsletters list
  • Assign them to a customer group
  • Edit accounts
  • Export customer accounts to a CSV or Excel XML file.

Magento 2 allows you to take these actions in bulk or for individual accounts.

And there’s more – you can filter customers, set which columns to display and search customers using keywords.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to apply bulk actions to customer accounts.

This is a two-part tutorial series on managing customer accounts. The second part discusses how to edit the customer accounts individually.

Applying Bulk Actions to Customer Accounts

Step 1: Go to Customers => All Customers


You’ll be displayed the Customers page, where you can see a list of all the customers registered on your ecommerce website.


Step 2: Select the accounts for which you want to apply the bulk action.

Step 3: Select the bulk action from the Actions drop-down list just below Search by keyword search box.


You can choose one of the following bulk actions –

  • Delete: Click to delete the selected customer accounts.
  • Subscribe to Newsletter: Click to add the selected accounts to the newsletter list. When Magento finishes the action, you’ll get a confirmation message like this – Added-to-newsletter-list-1024x193As you can see, we’ve added two customers to our newsletter list.
  • Unsubscribe from Newsletter: Click to remove the selected accounts on your newsletter list. You’ll be asked for a confirmation before Magento removes the accounts from the list. Unsubsribe-from-newsletter-list-confirmation-requestYou’ll be displayed the record updation message when Magento completes the action.
  • Assign a Customer Group: You can add the selected accounts to one of the following customer groups:
    • General
    • Wholesale
    • Retailer

    Or to a custom group you’ve created. These options are displayed when you click on the action –Add-to-customer-group-list

    If you’ve created a custom customer group, it’ll be displayed in the list.

  • Edit: Click on this action to bulk edit the selected customer accounts. The fields visible on the customer page become available to edit in an edit box.Edit-box-with-available-fields-1024x325Make changes to the fields available and then click on Save Edits button.

This brings us to the end of our tutorial on how to apply bulk actions on customer accounts. Follow the second part of this tutorial series to learn how to use quick action buttons on the customer account page and edit customer accounts individually.