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How To Track Orders in Magento 2

Order Tracking is an important step in order to process orders. Magento provides a straightforward and powerful solution to manage and track orders. You can generate invoices, shipping slips for orders from the Magento admin area.

This guide helps you to view orders and understand order status.

How to track orders in Magento 2?

Step 1: To access your orders, first log in to your Magento Admin Panel. By default, you will see your Magento Dashboard.

Step 2: Go to Sales => Orders.


Your Orders page displays the list of all of the orders placed in your store. You can sort them by columns.

  • How to sort orders by columns?

To sort by column, let’s take an example of ID, to sort orders in ascending or descending manner by ID, click on the column head.

  • How to bulk update orders?

For bulk updating orders just select orders and click on actions drop-down above it,  You can perform actions such as hold, cancel, or print packing slips for order.


  • How to filter orders?

Magento provides an efficient way of searching orders based on certain filtration criteria.If you want to bulk update or just view all of your pending or processing orders, you can simply filter by order status. Click on Filters section above order listing. After selecting a value for filter click on Apply Filters. This will give you filtered order list.


  • How to export orders via CSV?

There is also the ability to export orders via CSV in the top right of order section if you want to see all your order information in an excel sheet.

The top section provides the functionality of searching orders based on specific filters. This will help you to find specific order easily.


Step 3: Order listing also shows the status of an order. As mentioned earlier default status is “pending”, which provides flexibility to both customer and admin to cancel this order at any time.


The order status changes based on the actions performed. Here is the list of status:

  • New: This status shows that an order was created, but payment hasn’t been made yet.
  • Pending: This status indicates that the invoice hasn’t been created yet and shipping hasn’t occurred yet.
  • Processing: This means that an order has already been invoiced.
  • Complete: In contradiction to Processing status, this status appears, when an order has been both invoiced and shipped. In the case of virtual products, the order status is changed to complete after generating an invoice. For other products, Shipment needs to be created for changing the status to complete.
  • Canceled: This status can be assigned by either the website owner or a payment gateway in case this order wasn’t paid for.
  • Closed: This status means that there was a credit memo assigned to an order and the customer received a refund.