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How to Create Grouped Products in Magento 2

By September 14, 2017Magento 2 Tutorials
How to create grouped products in Magento 2

Grouped products are a group of simple products displayed together on a product page of your Magento 2 ecommerce store. You’d ask why should you showcase your products as a group? Well, it might give a bump to your overall sales.

For example, if a customer visits a fashion store and buys a single top, you’ve sold just one product. But if you want to sell a look on a fashion ecommerce store, you’d want to display a top, bottom, and accessories together. This way if the same customer visits the product page and is able to visualize the look, she may buy the complete set of products.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create grouped products in Magento 2.

Step 1: Go to Products => Catalog (under Inventory)


You’ll see a list of all the products listed in your store catalog.


Step 2: Click on the arrow near Add Product button and select Grouped Product from the drop-down list.

You’ll see a New Product page. Notice that this new product form is similar to when you add a new simple product. The only difference is there is an additional Grouped Product section.


Step 3: Click on the Add Products to Group button to add products to your new grouped product.

You’ll see the following window from where you can select and add products to your grouped product.


Step 4: Select the products you want to add in the group and click on Add Selected Products button.

The Grouped Product section on your new product page will reflect the changes made.


You can use the 8 dot button to re-arrange the order of products in your group.

Step 5: Fill in the remaining details of your new Grouped Products.

You can find a detailed explanation of all the sections and their forms in our tutorial on how to manage products in Magento 2.


We’ve uploaded the images of added products to display as product images of the new grouped product.


Step 6: Click on the Save button to save your grouped product.


Your new Grouped Product will become visible on the store front-end.


This concludes our tutorial on creating grouped products in Magento 2.