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How to Configure Newsletter Queue in Magento 2

How to configure Newsletter Queues

This tutorial is in continuation to our series on configuring Newsletters in Magento 2. Till now we’ve discussed how to add newsletters in Magento 2.

When you’ve added a newsletter template, you want to schedule it for sending. You might happen to have a couple of newsletter campaigns running. This tutorial will help you configure newsletter queue so that the process is automated by Magento.

Setting up newsletter queue is a two step process:

Setting Up a Newsletter in Queue

Step 1: Go to Marketing => Newsletter Template (under Communications)


You’ll see a list of all the templates that you’ve added:


Step 2: Select Queue Newsletter from the Action drop-down list.


You’ll see an Edit Queue form, which is almost like the one you fill up when adding a new template. The only difference is Queue Date Start.

Click on the calendar icon near Queue Date Start form, to set up the start date for sending this newsletter.

You can make changes to the newsletter according to your preference in the Edit Queue form.

Step 3: Once you’re done editing the newsletter, click on the Save Newsletter button to save the changes.


You’ll be displayed the Newsletter Queue page, where you can see your newsletter schedule and status.


Managing Newsletters in Newsletter Queue

Once you’ve added newsletters to your newsletter queue, you will have to manage the newsletter queue. You can see all the newsletters you’ve set a schedule for by going to Marketing => Newsletter Queue (under Communication) –


You’ll be displayed the Newsletter Queue page, from where you can search and filter newsletters.


You can preview the newsletters by choosing Preview from the Action drop-down list.

Click on a particular newsletter to make changes to the newsletter or reschedule it. The process of editing a newsletter template is the same as Step 2 in the previous section.

Hence we come to the end of our tutorial on configuring newsletter queue. Once you’ve added newsletter templates and configured newsletter queue, Magento can start sending the newsletters as per schedule. Follow the last part of our tutorial series on Newsletters to learn how to manage newsletter subscribers.