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How to Change Currency Symbols in Magento 2

By September 22, 2017Magento 2 Tutorials
How to change currency symbols in Magento 2

Magento 2 allows you to accept payments on your store in multiple currencies. When you accept multiple currencies, you want to keep your currency rates updated. You also want to be consistent with the currency symbols displayed on the product pages.

We have created a three-part tutorial series on how to configure currency in Magento 2. In the first two parts, we discussed how to configure currency settings and how to update currency rates on your Magento store.

This is the last part of the series where you’ll learn how to change currency symbols for different store views.

Changing Currency Symbols in Magento 2

Step 1: Go to Stores => Currency Symbols (under Currency)


You’ll be displayed a list of all the currencies that you’ve set as Accepted Currencies in currency settings.


Step 2: By default, Magento 2 uses standard currency symbols.

Uncheck the Use Standard box for the currency symbol you want to customize.

Step 3: Enter the currency symbol you want to use for that currency.

Note: Different currencies may require you to put currency symbol before or after the value denomination, for example, $10.00 or 10.00€. By default, you can’t change the currency symbol display alignment from left to right in Magento 2.

Step 4: Once you’ve entered custom currency symbols, click on the Save Currency Symbols button.

You’ll be prompted to refresh invalidated cache types by a system pop-up message.


Use steps in this tutorial to flush cache in Magento 2.

Your store is now updated with your custom currency symbols.

This concludes our tutorial on how to change currency symbols in Magento 2.