SEO for Ecommerce Websites


If you’re an ecommerce business owner, you know how hard it is to optimize an ecommerce website for traffic when you have 100s, even 1000s of pages.

You may have spent a lot of money on SEO “expert services”. You may even have spent time learning SEO yourself.
But you simply can’t get the results you want – high traffic and high conversion!

Drive My Website Traffic Up

The eCommerce SEO problem 

Duplicate Content – Product pages with same descriptions lowers your SEO score.
Broken Links – Adding and removing products results in a lot of broken links over time.
Ignored Meta Tags – Meta tags need optimization to tell search engines what your page is about.
Poor Content Strategy – Poor product descriptions put off customers and increase bounce rates.

But you don’t need to stop making progress, we can take care of these problems for you.

Let’s Talk SEO

How can we help?

  • Competitor Analysis – Get insights into your competitor’s strategy
  • Opportunities – Find opportunities for growth and areas needing improvement
  • Keyword Analysis – Keyword analysis to power your website content
  • On Page SEO – Performance, site architecture and internal linking optimization
  • Off Page SEO – Relevant backlink building from high authority websites and Google My Business optimization

And that’s not all, you get


High Conversion Rates 

With us, it’s not just the traffic that increases. 


Enhanced Ecommerce Analytics 

We track your sales funnel to see what performs and what doesn’t.


Social Media Strategy

It is not only about search engines. We can help you with the social media marketing too!

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