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Our Services

UI/UX Design

Customization Services

eCommerce Consulting

Magento SEO Services

Integration Services

Magento Support & Maintenance


eCommerce PWA Development

Server Configuration

Software Installation & Configuration

Installation and configuration of basic software: PHP5/PHP7, Nginx, MySQL, development and staging environment.

Backup Setup

External storage backups are used to prevent Adobe Commerce data loss. For immediate data restoration, incremental backups and snapshots are used.

Hardware & Software Configuration

To gain a performance boost, we modify software and hardware settings for various CPUs and RAM.

Security Enhancement

We regularly perform essential security measures like enhanced password management, improved prevention of cross-site scripting, etc.

Specific Software Installation

Sphinx, Redis, Varnish, Memcached, ElasticSearch, PageSpeed installation, and configuration.

Internal Server Configuration

Setting up a VPN and Proxy, CloudFlare, and other solutions, as well as email server and SSL configuration.