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  • We believe in Open Communication:
    We understand that open communication is the foundation of trust. From clearly understanding clients’ needs to transparently communicating the deliverables and timelines, we go extra mile to keep our clients well informed about their project’s happenings.
  • We are Process Driven:
    Processes ensure predictability. From client onboarding to client reporting, we are driven by robust processes. This ensures that all our projects are delivered in a seamless, glitch-free, and predictable manner.
  • We Leverage Technology:
    We don’t just use technology to pack your websites with features, we use it in-house to increase our efficiency. From using the latest hardware to cutting-edge project management tools, we ensure that our team has all the resources it takes to deliver a world-class experience to our clients.
  • We are Reliable and Trustworthy:
    Despite our love for processes and technology, we understand that every business is ultimately about people. This is the reason we take customer satisfaction very seriously. We go to great lengths to nurture relationships and take pride when our clients describe us as reliable and trustworthy.

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Performance Optimization

Slow site speed is the primary cause of low sales. To tackle this problem, we do a thorough audit of your website and find out which parts of your website need the maximum attention. To further boost speed we fix and optimize third-party extensions. Finally, we optimize the Magento core and rewrite all of your previous customizations. All these actions together ensure that your site speed is significantly boosted and your sales increase.

Magento 2 Migration

Support for Magento 1 ended a long time ago. This means if your store is still on Magento 1 it will be slower and less secure. When you choose to migrate to Magento 2 with us we’ll give you an exact time estimate for the migration. We will also ensure that all your previous functionality and customizations are preserved. Your store will be migrated without any glitches and with zero data loss. 

Theme Development

Theme is a very important part of your eCommerce store. The right theme communicates your brand’s uniqueness and is a central part of the user experience. While developing a theme for your store we factor in your store’s USP to ensure it stands out from the crowd. We take extra care to ensure the theme is responsive and that it works across all devices and screens of all resolutions. Overall you’ll get a fast, lightweight, and responsive theme that resonated with your brand.

Extension Development

Can’t find an extension in the market for a specific need? Our developers will create a custom extension for your requirements. We understand that every business is unique and has distinct needs. With right extensions you can extend Magento’s native functionalities. Our team ensures that the planned extension not only blends with your business but with Magento’s core functionalities as well.

Magento Integration Services

With Magento integrations, businesses can boost their capabilities by syncing the enterprise ERP and CRM systems to Magento. This allows you to combine and sync the eCommerce business processes in one place to get a better hold on the sales reports and analytics. With Payment Gateway integrations you can make transactions faster, safer, more convenient, and with the integration of payment gateway such as PayPal, Skrill, Stripe, etc.,


Feel your current eCommerce platform is limiting your growth? The latest version of Magento is by all means a robust next-generation eCommerce platform. Magento 2 offers a huge leap forward in scalability, performance and functionality. Our team will ensure that whichever eCommerce platform you are currently using, the transition to Magento is smooth with minimal down-time. We will also offer post transition support till you are comfortable with Magento.


Each and every eCommerce store needs regular testing to ensure all issues are found and fixed in time. This is why we offer a range of testing services. These include Functional Testing, Performance Testing, Automated Testing, and Integration testing. This guarantees that users don’t face any issues while shopping on your site and you never loose a sale due to poor user experience. 

Business Analysis

We analyze business challenges and find the right solutions for them. Our analysts act as a bridge between clients and the developers. They convert your problems into technical requirements which can then be taken up by experienced developers.

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“Your unified team takes care of my website completely, allowing me to focus all my energy on my core business. You offer end-to-end services, covering SEO, CRO and implementation of the recommended website changes as well. Happy!”
“I am now regretting not starting to work with you guys a year ago! But better late than never! I feel the work is coming along nicely!”

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