Magento Performance Audit

Get professional performance report by certified Adobe Commerce experts. Comprehensive report with actionable points guaranteed to improve site performance.

How We Audit Your Site

 Certified Adobe Commerce development experts perform comprehensive checks as per recommended best practices. Get cost-effective actionable steps to improve performance.



  • Run questionnaire to get relevant access & system requirements
  • Identify your business priorities and important landing pages
  • Setup code on development environment


Developer Audit

We review code and setup as per Magento best practices

  • Theme code quality
  • Extension code quality
  • Version checks of Core, Extensions, Theme
  • Theme adherence to best practices
  • Dependencies Checks
  • Security checks


Server and Tasks Audit

Adobe Commerce needs to be configured correctly with web server, database server optimized for performance, background cron jobs configured for reindexing, reports, sitemap generation, e-mail scheduling, stock updates, and data synchronization with 3rd party systems (e.g., marketplaces, ERP, CRM, etc.).

We review and verify:

  • opportunities for web server, cache server & database optimization
  • all server cron jobs are configured correctly
  • import/export
  • any errors to be rectified


Magento Settings Review

We review:

  • Cache type configuration
  • Cache settings (Redis, Memcache, Varnish)
  • CDN settings
  • URLs redirects
  • Static content optimization (js, css, images)
  • Recommended Store configurations in the admin panel


Traffic Performance Audit

At this stage, we run best in class tools to check your site visitor experience performance.

We audit, review and verify:

  • Server response times
  • Google recommended checks for performance
  • Identify and recommend quick wins to improve your site performance
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Magento | Adobe Commerce Theme and Extensions Audit

We review all the installed theme & extensions as per best practices.
We audit and report:
  • Poor quality code in themes
  • Poor quality code in plugins
  • Unused extensions
  • Extensions which are no longer updated
  • Vulnerable extensions
Magento Adobe Commerce Template Profiling

Success Stories

Mint State Gold, a major player for precious metals since 1960, migrates to Adobe Commerce 2 with HumCommerce.

Cicero Supply, a full-line industrial distributor, launches B2B & B2C Adobe Commerce 2 with HumCommerce.

Modern Fabrics, an online source for discounted residential decorator fabrics launches next phase of growth with Adobe Commerce.

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