Module for Prestashop

Having a module for Prestashop will be a lot easier to use the Humcommerce on Prestashop websites.

Feature to analyse the performance of forms

I have quite a few different forms on my website. I want to know which fields of my forms cause people to drop-off and also other basic stats related to forms. I think this feature will really help me to create forms that more and more people will fill. Please put this feature in HumCommerce. […]

Get media insights of my website

Can you guys add a feature to HumCommerce wherein we can get insights about the audio and video content on the website? I want metrics that’ll tell me how users are interacting with the media.

Feature to track performance of search engine keywords

It would be great if you guys add a feature where I can know what keywords my audience is using to reach my website. I want to know the queries that caused my website to appear in search results.

Flow of user

I want to see how my user moves around on my website. I want to know the path they take to reach a certain page. It will help me to optimize the path and convert more visitors. Is it something that’s possible for you guys to do?