Add site link on All Websites page of HumCommerce

It will be helpful to have direct link of Add site on All websites page. This will be easy to use.

Full IP Address for users outside Europe

Hi, I would like to see the full IP address of visitors rather than just first 2 octets. This allows me to correlate visitors with other logs and tracking. Currently HumCommerce stands alone as no correlation. I am in Australia Thank you

Segmentation by payment method

In Google analytics, there is an option to exclude sources for conversions like for example, I would love to see this function on your platform too.

Module for Prestashop

Having a module for Prestashop will be a lot easier to use the Humcommerce on Prestashop websites.

404 + JS Error monitoring

Like, would be great if we could track 404 pages and js errors visitor get, save them in a log and be notified by email with a daily/weekly/monthly digest, with pages and source refs and error log.

Shopify integration

Make a native shopify integration with Hum commerce/app

Adding heatmap doesn’t close page

Automatically go to the View Heatmaps page when Save is clicked on the Add Heatmap page. Thanks!

Notes for visitors

Way to add notes to a visitor. E.g. if I sent a link to John, I want to tag this visitor as John, so I can see John’s activity in the future. I can then tag john in my autoresponder and send emails based on his activity

import contact list

i want to import contact list and track it

Way to track number of session recordings used each month

Currently we only get a notification when all the recordings are used up. It would be good to know a cumulative tally of how many recordings have been used each month. If it could be on a per-domain basis that would be great too!