Integrate HumCommerce with your E-Commerce Store and start collecting data instantly

Download and integrate HumCommerce plugin / extension with your website

and start collecting valuable insights with few easy steps.

HumCommerce Integrations for various platforms

If you own an e-commerce website, you’ll love how HumCommerce integration can help you  analyze your visitor’s behavior.

Integrating HumCommerce with your e-commerce platform requires very few resources can be done in a couple of minutes.

There is absolutely no need of any developer’s help  for installing HumCommerce and can be integrated in just a few clicks.


How to install and configure HumCommerce WooCommerce Plugin

To start e-commerce tracking on your WordPress website, you need to install HumCommerce plugin for WooCommerce 

Follow these simple steps to install and configure.

Step 1 – Go to your WordPress dashboard and click on Plugins > Add New from the left sidebar.

Step 2 – Type HumCommerce in the search bar. You’ll be asked to install HumCommerce –

Step 3 – Click the Install Now button.



Step 4 – Click on the Activate button to activate the HumCommerce plugin.

You have now installed and activated the HumCommerce WooCommerce plugin.

Now, how to configure?

Go to WordPress admin and click on Plugins -> Installed Plugins menu in the left sidebar.

Step 5 – Find HumCommerce plugin and click on Settings.


Step 6 – Now, configure HumCommerce plugin for your WooCommerce website. To configure HumCommerce plugin, you will need website ID and token auth.


Follow the document to get a website ID and token auth.

Step 7 – Click on the Save Changes button after entering the website ID and token auth. This will integrate your WooCommerce website with HumCommerce.

How to install and configure HumCommerce Magento 2 extension

To install and configure HumCommerce extension, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Download the HumCommerce extension for Magento 2 website.

Step 2: Upload the “” file from your computer to the server where Magento 2 is installed.

See  complete Magento installation guide.

After HumCommerce Magento 2 extension has been successfully installed and enabled, follow the below steps to configure HumCommerce extension.

Step 1: Login to Magento 2 Admin Panel.

Step 2: Go to Stores -> Configuration.

Step 3: Expand the Sales tab from the left sidebar and click on HumCommerce.

To configure HumCommerce plugin, you need website ID and token auth.

Follow the document to get the website ID and token auth

Step 4: Once you filled required fields click on Save Config button.

You will be prompted to refresh invalidated cache types by a system pop-up message.

Step 5: Click on Cache Management in the prompt message.



Step 6: Click on Flush Magento Cache.

The HumCommerce Magento 2 extension configuration is now complete and tracking is active on your Magento 2 E-Commerce website.

How to integrate HumCommerce on Google Tag Manager ( GTM )

It’s easy to install and configure HumCommerce in your Google Tag Manager (GTM).

Step 1: Sign in to your Google Tag Manager Account. If not, create a new account.

Step 2: Create a new tag by clicking the Tags icon on the left.

Step 3: Select Custom HTML tag type from all types.

Step 4: Copy and Paste the Javascript code in the textbox. 


Step 5: Choose the trigger for the pages you want to track.

Step 6: Click on Save and then Submit it.

The HumCommerce Configuration with Google Tag Manager in now complete and tracking is active.

HumCommerce Integration with your Custom Platform

If you have any custom platform, then don’t worry. You can integrate HumCommerce using the Javascript code.

Step 1: On the dashboard go to Get Started >> Start tracking user activity and you’ll see a Javascript tracking code similar to the one shown below.

HC integration code

Step 2: Paste the tracking  code in the head tag of your website. You’re good to go.

Have trouble integrating HumCommerce on your custom platform?

Not sure how to add the tracking code. Don’t worry. We’ll add the tracking code for you absolutely free. 

Go ahead and get in touch with us today and we’ll take care of this for you right away.