Google Analytics + HumCommerce = More Ecommerce Sales

Google Analytics is a fantastic analytics tool. It tells you about the beginning and end of visitors’ journey. But,  it cannot tell you how visitors interact with your website.  That’s where HumCommerce comes in.

What Google Analytics is good at?

With Google Analytics, you can gain analytical insights in the following.


The Audience reports provide insight into characteristics of your users.


Measure the performance of various traffic sources (channels).


Visualize how your users traverse and interact with your site and identify content issues.


Conversion reports tell you about activities, important to the success of your business.

How HumCommerce complements Google Analytics?

While Google Analytics tells you what visitors do on your website, HumCommerce tells you how visitors interact with individual elements and pages on your website. In addition to behavioral analytics, you can also run A/B tests in HumCommerce to boost your store’s conversions. In short…

HumCommerce is a complete Conversion Rate Optimization tool that complements analytics data.

HumCommerce Features

HumCommerce comes with following CRO, behavioral & visitor analytics features.

Visitor Recordings

See video recordings of how store visitors behave on your website.


See click, hover and scroll maps of visitors' mouse movements.

A/B Testing

Run tests on your store pages. Find variants that convert better.

Ecommerce Analytics

Find winning products & categories. Manage stocks better.

Form Analytics

Analyse & boost checkout & other form conversions.​

Custom Reports

Pull data from all these sources to build your custom reports.

Search Insights

Learn what visitors are searching for on your store.

Goals & Funnels

Visualize your store's funnel & see which pages visitors drop off.

Visitor Analytics

See traffic sources, visitor locations & search keywords for your store.​

Convert more store visitors into buyers.
Get a CRO tool that complements analytics.