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What is: Click-through rate (CTR)

By May 14, 2018CRO

Click-through rate or CTR

Click-through rate or CTR is the ratio of visitors or users who click on a specific button or link to the total number of visitors or users who viewed a page, advertisement or email.

It shows the success rate of a web page or an email campaign.

CTR can be measured on:

  • A Pay-per-click (PPC) ad or search engine result page (SERP)
  • A link on a landing page
  • A call-to-action (CTA) button on a webpage/email
  • Display ad on a social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, etc
  • Any element of a webpage such as a headline, link, image, button, etc.

How to calculate CTA?



The more CTA, the better!

Some of the average CTR’s of the industry

Let’s take a look at the average CTR of different industries.

  • eCommerce has an average CTR of 2.69%
  • B2B has an average CTR of 2.41%
  • Education has an average CTR of 3.78%
  • Dating & Personals has an average CTR of 6.05%
  • Health & Medical has an average CTR of 3.27%

Amongst research of multiple industries, Dating & Personals industry tops the list of highest average CTR.

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