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What is: Anchor Text

By July 30, 2017Glossary
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Hyperlinks allow us to attach URLs (which point to a different page) to plain text on a web page. When a URL is attached to the plain text it becomes clickable. Anchor text is the clickable text on a web page. Anchor text is also referred to as Link Text or Link Label. It is a very important aspect of the ranking and authority eco-system of search engine algorithms.

An example of the anchor text would be this text linking to our blog post on how to manage product images in Magento 2. Here the text “how to manage product images in Magento 2” is the anchor text holding the link to our blog post.

One rule of thumb when choosing words for your Anchor text is that you should make it as conversational and natural as possible. You should always try and avoid saying, this link here, click here etc. Common best practice for choosing the correct anchor text is to think of the copy on your web page as a conversation with your readers and target audience.

Anchor texts are a key part of the link building process, connecting all the internal and external links of the web page. They are a major single deciding factor whether an end-user will click on the link and for you to achieve higher conversion rate or CTR (Click through rate).

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