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What is: AJAX

By July 31, 2017Glossary
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AJAX – Asynchronous Javascript and XML – is a set of technologies implemented on the client’s side to build asynchronous web applications. Web applications have sections which perform differently and the time taken to complete their respective actions is different as well. To mitigate this different behavior and to optimize performance, different web techniques have been combined to form AJAX.


AJAX is a combination of the following technologies – XMLHttpRequest (request to fetch data from the web server) and HTML DOM accessed through JavaScript (display and use the data). It allows sending and fetching of data from web servers without having to reload the current web page. This is very useful in enhancing the user experience of the web site, as the end user interacts with the web page without any change in the look and feel of the web page.


An example of AJAX in use is Gmail. We interact with the web site to fetch new emails, compose, read and delete emails etc. We do all this without changing the basic structure or feel of the Gmail web page or application. Magento 2 uses AJAX to build the shopping carts – the buyer can add items to the shopping cart, specify details regarding the order (size, colors, quantity, etc.) and continue to browse through the website and shop seamlessly.

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