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HumCommerce helps you find the most important

business insights you need to grow.

Track User Activity

See how customers interact with your website.

Heatmaps show visitor interaction (click, move, scroll data) for different devices.


Observe how the visitors are using your website.

Find sections where your visitors are getting confused and optimise for conversion.


See the path visitors take to navigate your website.

Are your visitors going where you want them to go? Optimise user flow using visual reports.


Track user activity on your e-commerce website

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See What Works

Get Google and Bing keywords your website is ranking for.

Connect your search engine webmaster tool and find relevant keyword insights in HumDash.


See which form fields your visitors drop off at.

Automatically analyses forms on your website. Boost form completion rate by adding/removing form fields.


Set up experiments to compare two versions of a landing page.

Compare landing pages to find which buttons, color schemes or website copy works best to increase conversion rate.


See what works on your e-commerce website

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Marketing Reports

Find bottlenecks in your sales funnels and optimise for better conversions.

See at which step visitors abandon your website. Improve your funnel conversion rate to maximise profit.


Know which source (search engine, PPC, social) was responsible for sales.

Choose from 6 different attribution models to analyse sales performance. Know exactly which source you got sales from.


Create custom reports to find exact insights you want to see.

Pull data from a wide range of reports – e-commerce activity, visitor logs, website engagement metrics and more.


Create beautiful marketing reports for your e-commerce website

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Still need convincing?

More HumCommerce Features:


Visitor Log

See what a customer is worth using Customer Lifetime Value. Track activity and find insights using visitor logs.


Real Time Map

See the world map light up with visitor activity for your website. Woo more customers from targeted cities.


Sales Performance by Traffic Sources

Know which traffic source (search engines, referrals, emails) is getting you more sales.


Product Performance

Know which product page needs work and which products you need to stock up based on sales data.


Category Performance

Find which categories are performing well and which products in those categories are leading in sales.


Sales Performance by User Location

See where your products are selling most. Optimise for these customers and increase conversions.


Days to Conversion

Track the number of days or visits it took to convert a sale. Reduce the conversion time to improve overall sales.


Automated Insights

See how your website is evolving. Track changes in traffic performance through automated insights.


Crawling Errors

See if there are crawling errors (on Google and Bing) for desktop or mobile devices right from your dashboard.


Site Search Insights

See what visitors are searching for on your website. Find opportunities to add products/services using site search.

See EXACTLY what visitors do on your e-commerce website

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