Conversion Funnels

Features – 
  • Flexible Funnel Builder
  • Unlimited Funnels
  • Visual Funnel representation
  • Real Time data collection
Usage – 
  • Setup each of your major conversion funnels (include your cart checkout page)
  • Let HumCommerce collect data
  • Find the exact pages where visitors exit your funnel
  • Analyze further, take corrective actions and repeat!

Optimize your ECommerce Funnels and watch your Conversions Soar!

Website Heatmaps

Features – 
  • Unlimited Heatmaps
  • Monitor all key pages
  • Visual representation of click and scroll behaviour
Usage – 
  • Analyse heatmaps to identify what is distracting users
  • Are users clicking where there is no link?
  • Are users missing links that you want them to click?
  • Identify changes in images, text or link positions and link color

Study where your users are clicking, improve your customer experience, get more sales!

Visitor Recordings

Features – 
  • User Sessions Recordings
  • Playback at different speeds
  • Jump directly to specific pages
  • See exactly what buyers see on your store
  • Study how they interact with your website
  • Fully GDPR compliant
Usage – 
  • Identify where your users get confused
  • Make changes to your workflow and watch your conversions rise! 

Quickly find usage problems with your website and fix them to see significant boost to sales!

Website Visitor Analytics

Visitor Analytics

Features – 
  • Track all metrics in real time
  • Visitor metrics to track all dimensions of your store
  • Flexible segmentation and filters to enable reports
  • Evolution graphs and Trend graphs
Usage – 
  • Segment and filter by multiple dimensions to gain insights into your customers’ buying behaviour.

Real Time visitor analytics to help you take decisions on your store.

Form Analytics

Boost conversions – by improving checkout form conversions. 

See which form fields your visitors drop off . Test & boost form completion rate by adding or removing form fields.

Figure out exactly how to improve your forms and boost conversions.

Magic Insights

Seek Expert Help

Which session recordings should you watch? 

How are your website’s dead clicks and broken links breaking your workflow? Our Behavior Analytics experts tell you exactly what you need to fix.

Allow us to analyze the massive amount of data your website generates and we’ll tell you what conclusions to draw.


Use surveys on your most important pages

Ask users why they aren’t buying. What features would they have liked to see?

Is the price not right?

Ask the right question and get insights

Integrated surveys that help you engage with your customers

Tool to create surveys for feedback
Video performance metrics

Media Analytics

Track Videos and Audios- Measure the engagement for your videos to find out which ones perform best

Analyse Video Metrics – Average play time, start rate, finish rate and more. Find out what your visitors did before and after watching your video.

Track the ROI for your videos and choose the best video to improve your sales!