Session recording features page

Record, Watch and Analyze Visitors Actions

Stop guessing and start recording all the real actions visitors take on your site. This will allow you to see their clicks, scrolls and all the movements on your site.

Visitor Recordings

Features – 
  • User Sessions Recordings
  • Playback at different speeds
  • Jump directly to specific pages
  • See exactly what buyers see on your store
  • Study how they interact with your website
  • Fully GDPR compliant
Usage – 
  • Identify where your users get confused
  • Make changes to your workflow and watch your conversions rise! 

Visitor session recording features

Easy setup

Setting up session recordings won't take more than few minutes


Autoplay will enable you to watch all the session on after other


Fast-forward sessions to take a quick glance at the recordings

Visitor log

Access visitor log directly from the session recording window

Filter recordings

You can filter the recordings according to date, device, etc

Skip inactivity

Skip the inactive portion of the recording to save time

Visitor Session Recordings can help you to

See what visitors do on your website.

Address the pain-points on your website.

See at which stage of the sales funnel are visitors leaking out.

Increase conversion rate of your store.

Which User Actions Can Be Recorded?

Mouse Click, Move, and Scroll

Session recordings tracks mouse movements, clicks, and scrolls to see how a visitor interacted.

Screen Size

Check whether visitor resized their browser screen. Also, understand if visitors are facing any issues.

Form Change

Form changes can show how users interacted with your form.

Page Change

If a user navigates to a different page or refreshes a page, it is recorded.

Use Session Replay for Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Curb the Bounce Rate

Discover Critical Bugs and Errors

Measure A/B Test Results

Setup in just a few clicks, and start tracking data in your dashboard instantly.