Goals and Funnels feature page

Easily Build your Conversion Funnels that will Drives more Sales

Create your own Conversion Funnels and Optimize them to see your  E-Commerce Sales Soar.

Conversion Funnels

Features – 
  • Flexible Funnel Builder
  • Unlimited Funnels
  • Visual Funnel representation
  • Real Time data collection
Usage – 
  • Setup each of your major conversion funnels (include your cart checkout page)
  • Let HumCommerce collect data
  • Find the exact pages where visitors exit your funnel
  • Analyze further, take corrective actions and repeat!

Goals and Funnels features

Quick configuration

Setting up goals and funnels won't take more than few minutes.

Goal conversion

Create and track how many goals are converted in each visitor journey.

Event based goals

Access the visitor profiles directly from the funnel for a better understanding.

Funnel reports

Reports give you details about each step of your funnel.

Funnel testing

Test your funnels before they go live so that you don't miss out on any steps.

Funnel visualisation

Monitor and analyse the interactions of users leading towards a website goal.

Conversion Funnels will help you to

Understand visitor’s movement  on your website. 

Identify critical leaks in your website flow.

Easily analyze the reason for low conversion rate.