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    Customized alerts
    1 month ago
    Is it possible to add a custom alert feature in HumCommerce? I want to get alerts when there are changes on my website. For e.g., if the sales number goes below a certain number in a week then I shoul... Read more...
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    Want marketing campaigns reporting feature
    3 months ago
    Ellen Stanley
    Hey guys! I want a feature which can be very useful for e-commerce store owners. I want a feature to measure the effectiveness of my marketing campaigns. I want in-depth data about traffic coming fro... Read more...
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    I want a feature to track user search action
    2 months ago
    I want to know when a user clicks on a search result, how long do they spend on reading the content? From clicking the link until the user leaves the page. If the user clicks more than one link, then ... Read more...