Data Fatigue?

Allow our CRO experts to analyse your data and identify problem areas. Use your time to fix issues instead of looking for issues.

How can Magic Insights Help You?

Here’s what our Analytics and CRO Experts will do

( 1 Report Every Week)

Sift through all of your visitor data and session recordings

Present laser sharp conclusions about your visitor behaviour

Identify problem areas that are stopping your users from buying


Here’s a summary of how EXAMPLE.COM did last week

  • 7001 Visits from Search Engines. 808 less compared to previous week
  • 705 Visits from social networks. 203 more compared to previous week
  • 386 Visits from direct entry. 135 less compared to previous week

We analysed your session recordings and here’s what we found –

Users saw the following error messages. If the number of users experiencing the same error is too high, there may actually be a problem, that you need to fix.

  • 101 🤵 users experienced ‘Billing First name is a required field’.  Here is one of those recordings <link>
  • 66 🤵 users experienced ‘An account is already registered with your email address. Please log in’. Here is one of those recordings <link>

Here are some more session recordings where users had problems using your website. One example is where they clicked something and hit a dead-end.
🎬 Recording 1
Santa-Funny-Christmas-Card.png Image 50 times but nothing happened
🎬 Recording 2
Clicked on ‘Proceed to PayPal ‘ button 15 times but nothing happened

Don't let your visitor data go to waste

You are sitting on a pot of gold, you just don’t know it.

Your visitor behaviour can tell you everything you need, you only have to listen. Our team can help you do that.

How Does it Work?

– Our in-house experts go through your website’s data every week
– Any deviations for key metrics like performance, user acquisition or engagement are tracked
– Session recordings that are important enough for you to view are hand-picked and shortlisted
– Repeated error messages on critical pages like cart or checkout are highlighted
– You receive a crisp summary of all of these observations every week via email
– All you need to do is fix the problems that our experts point out to you

Why Magic Insights?

The easiest part about website data is collecting it. The hardest part is analysing and making sense of it, because that requires time, effort and the right skills, of course. 

Your time is best spent on what you do best i.e. managing your business. Let our team of experts do what they do best – analyse data. Allow our team to help you monitor your website and identify bottlenecks.


Frequently asked questions about Magic Insights

What is your refund policy?

We have an unconditional 30 day money back policy. You will get 100% refund if you raise a refund request within 30 days of your purchase.

What payments methods can I use?

We accept all major debit and credit cards.

How often will you send me this report?

This report will be sent to you at least once every week

What if I need help in fixing the issues you identify?

We have a dedicated team of SEO, CRO and Development experts who can help you out for a reasonable fee. You can contact us for any consultancy or development services that you may need.

Get Magic Insights

Magic Insights can help you improve your ecommerce stores checkout rates by analysing the behaviour of your store visitors and telling you exactly what is broken.

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