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Tracking Campaigns using URL Parameters

Campaign tracking in HumCommerce is simple: You can add one (or up to five) parameter(s) to your website URL.

For example, instead of putting a direct link to your websites such as https://yourdomain.org/landing.html in your Adwords destination URL or email newsletter, you would instead put a link to https://yourdomain.org/landing.html?pk_campaign=mailing_2019_Jan

The visitors who open your email and click on the link will automatically arrive on your website. HumCommerce will track these visits, and detect the parameters inpk_campaign the URL of the first-page view, and the visit will be credited to the Acquisition > Campaign: “mailing_2019_Jan”.

all refferers

This Screenshot displays the report of campaign Analytics of various marketing campaigns: Facebook, Google Ads, etc.

You can define up to five parameters in your page URLs through HumCommerce. We recommend you to install the free MarketingCampaignsReporting plugin from the Marketplace, as by default only two parameters are available.

For example, if your email newsletter contains various calls to actions: “download now” and “Free trial”, you could tag the links as follows:

1) <a href=“http://yourdomain.org/landing.html?pk_campaign=Email-Nov2018&pk_kwd=LearnMore”>Download Now</a>

2) <a href=“http://yourdomain.org/landing.html?pk_campaign=Email-Nov2018&pk_kwd=OrderNow”>Free Trial</a>

HumCommerce supports detecting the campaign parameters in the hash-tag #. The advantage of using a hash tag is that your campaign tracking URLs will not be considered “duplicate URLs” by search engines. The following URLs will work:

1) <a href=“http://yourdomain.org/landing.html#pk_campaign=Email-Nov2018”>Click here for more info</a>

2) <a href=“http://yourdomain.org/landing.html?q=test#pk_campaign=Email-Nov2018&pk_kwd=DownloadNow”>Download Now</a>

Tracking campaigns easily: you don’t need to edit your HumCommerce Tracking code, only the URLs pointing to your website. An unlimited number of campaigns (and keywords) can be tracked. You need not to configure campaign names in advance. Just use them in the links to your website and visitors following those links will be tracked as campaign referrers.

Updated on March 11, 2019

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