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How to record visitor sessions using HumCommerce

Session recordings let you see what visitors do when they come to your website. You can see what part of your web page attracts their attention, where they skim past content and where they try to click.

It might be possible that your visitors are interacting with your web page in a manner which is not quite beneficial to you.

You may want them to click on the add-to-cart button, or a certain product or category you’re trying to promote.

You can use session recordings to optimize your website around customer behavior.

Here’s how you can create session recordings in HumCommerce –

Step 1: Go to your HumCommerce dashboard.

HumCommerce Dashboard

Step 2: Click on Session Recordings in the left side panel.

You’ll see the Session Recordings page:

Session recordings page

If this is the first time you’re creating a session recording, the session recordings page will be empty.

Step 3: Click on the Create New Session Recording button.

You’ll see the Create New Session Recording page:

Create new session recording

Step 4: Fill in the following details in the new session recording form:

  • Name: Set name of the new session recording. For example, set “Homepage” if you’re recording sessions on your homepage.
  • Number of sessions: Set the number of sessions you want to record. You can set a minimum of 50 sessions to record to a maximum of 5000 sessions in a single recording.
  • Entry Pages: Entry page rules tell the HumCommerce tool when to record the sessions. If you want that a session is recorded only when a person enters your website through your homepage, you can do so by creating a rule.
    • Rule: There are 3 ways you can set a session recording rule:
      • URL: Lets you set which URL should be the entry point of the session recording.
      • Path: Lets you set the exact path to be recorded.
      • Parameter: Lets you set a parameter which must be there in the URL to start a session recording. For example, ‘q’ or ‘s’ for a search query.

Step 5: Set Advanced options:

  • Sample Rate: HumCommerce lets you record 100% of the sessions occurring on your website. You can set your desired sampling rate using this drop down. For example, if you select 10%, only 1 in 10 sessions will be recording.
  • Min. Session Time: Set the required minimum session time for which recording should start.
  • Requires Activity: Check this box to record only sessions with activity.
  • Capture Keystrokes: Check this box to capture keystrokes in the session.

Step 6: Click on the Create New Session Recording button. You’ll see the following confirmation message:

Session recording created successfully

Your sessions are now being recorded.

Note: It takes 24 hours for the session recordings to start showing on your dashboard when you create a new session recording.

Your turn now – create session recordings for the pages you want to see visitor behavior for and optimize.

If you want to record visitor interaction – where they click, move their mouse or scroll down to – you can generate heatmaps.

To learn how to generate heatmaps using HumCommerce, follow our tutorial here.

Updated on January 18, 2019

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