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How to configure HumCommerce WooCommerce plugin

How to configure HumCommerce WooCommerce plugin

You have downloaded, installed and activated the HumCommerce WooCommerce plugin.

You can now configure the HumCommerce WooCommerce plugin to start tracking e-commerce activity on your website.

Follow these simple steps to configure the plugin –

Step 1 – You’ll require your unique site ID to configure the plugin.

Login to your HumCommerce account and launch the dashboard.


You’ll see the following screen on your dashboard.


Step 2 – Now that you have your unique SiteID, let’s start configuring the HumDash tracking plugin.

Go to your WordPress plugin and click on Plugins > Installed Plugins menu in the left sidebar.


Step 3 – Find the Humdashtracking plugin and click on Settings.

Step 4 – Configure the basic settings of the Humdashtracking plugin –


You’ll need to configure the following settings –

  • Your Humdash SiteID: Type in your unique site ID here.
  • Enable outlink & downloads tracking: Check this box if you want to track download activity and links pointing to other websites from your domain.
  • Track visitors across all subdomains of your website: Check this box if you want to track activity across all subdomains of your website. For example, blog.yourstore.com or demo.yourstore.com.
  • Prepend the site domain to the page title when tracking: Leave this unchecked.
  • In the “Outlinks” report, hide clicks to know alias URLs: If you have alias URLs you don’t want to track outlink activity for, you can check this box.
  • Enable client side DoNotTrack detection: Check this box if you do not want to track activity for users who have set their browser settings to “Do Not Track”.

Step 5 – Configure the advanced settings of the Humdashtracking plugin –


You can select all the users for whom you DO NOT want to track activity.

Step 6 – Click on Update Settings button.

That’s all there is to configuring the HumCommerce WooCommerce plugin.

E-commerce tracking is now active on your website.

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