How Can AB Testing Help you Increase Conversions_

Why should you do A/B testing?

Forbes declares that split testing is the process of comparing two elements or versions of a page against one another to determine which version resonates better with the audience. The fact is that the insights gained from running your experiments can maximize conversion levels. Consider the importance of split testing and how you can use it to improve your business decisions and gain a growing, satisfied customer base.

To Join a List of Stellar Companies

If you want to know how important a difference that split testing can make, you can simply look at the marketing moves of many powerful companies. Facebook, with its growing ecommerce platform, Amazon, and Coca-Cola are some of the most famous companies in the world that have used split testing to gain an extreme advantage in the marketplace. The Medium reports that Electronic Arts sold 1.1 million of its most popular video game in two weeks by using a split testing strategy. By making changes to the pages that visitors see, whether large or small, these entities were able to multiply conversions that lead to sales at an accelerated rate.

To Find Out What Customers Really Want

The biggest mistake that any company can make is to simply build or offer product and services, and hope that the customers come. Split testing can help you determine what offers are most captivating to customers so that you can use them. If you are serving a micro niche of customers, split testing is even more important to maximize your effectiveness in that area. If you want to know what consumers will enjoy, you should conduct A/B testing to determine their likes, preferences, and desires. As you gather feedback during testing, you can apply the data to make significant improvements to provoke conversions.

When you collect the data necessary to know what works for your brand and target audience and what doesn’t, you can make improvements accordingly. What is even better is that once you come up with a notably successful ad or promotion, you can duplicate it as necessary to draw similar results to future campaigns that your company launches.

To Avoid Wasting Money

If you perform split testing, you can allocate marketing funds well through your company in a balanced and beneficial way. Companies that neglect to perform split testing may invest in the wrong areas, instead of the problem zones that actually require alteration. This mistake can result in the loss of plenty of marketing funds for a company, and making a terrible decision without running your experiments can even sink a startup or a small business already limited on funds.

To Optimize Your Landing Pages

Improving the quality of your landing pages is possible with split testing. A/B testing offers two basic options for review at a single time. By collecting the data from each test, you can determine which elements of your landing page need to change. Some basic options for testing include changing the color of click-through buttons, increasing the size or relocating a call-to-action button, adding or deleting a search bar, and changing the combination of images seen to provoke positive emotions are excellent considerations. Many customers also respond well to seeing glowing, honest reviews from other customers on your landing pages. Even altering the images of the models that you use in your ecommerce store can lead to greater conversions and higher sales revenue.

After you run a split test, you can examine click-through rates to determine which designs, advertisements, or promotions are most attractive to your target audience. Once you determine what differences that you need to make on landing pages, implementing those improvements can increase conversions significantly.

To Streamline Customers Through the Sales Funnel

It is crucial to make it easy to place a transaction on your website, or you may be sending your customers away to your competitors. If there is difficulty at any point in your sales funnel, you need to find out. Many small businesses build low-quality sales funnels in haste and do not realize that there are weak points in it that can be hindering customers from navigating to the website or even making a purchase. Reducing the amount of text in the sales funnel, or shortening the sales funnel may also increase conversions for your company.

Some companies decide whether or not certain types of media should be a part of a sales funnel by using split testing. For example, you may discover during a run that audiences may leave faster when a page in the sales funnel automatically plays a video. By removing the video and replacing it with content, such as an infographic, conversion rates may rise. Adding a splash page on the mobile version of your ecommerce website can also boost conversions. Entrepreneur suggests that using a charm pricing strategy, or reducing the left digit of a round number by one cent also leads to higher ecommerce sales. You can also use split testing to determine if there are problems in the checkout process, and whether or not a single page checkout is more efficient than a three-page checkout and verification process, and so forth.

To Make Smarter Business Decisions

The possibilities of improving the simplest factors through trial and error to make a huge impact in your ecommerce business are endless. Split testing forces you to take a closer look at the data and the unique perspective that visitors and customers have. Neglecting to run your own experiments can only complicate future business decisions, and it can lead to poor investments that do not pay off. However, closely studying the data from multiple tests can empower your team to make better choices in marketing, product development, and branding definition. You can also use split testing to review slogans and taglines to determine which ones resonate well with audiences for your brand.

Wrapping up

If you want to maximize conversions for your ecommerce website truly, you must embrace split testing to gain solid insight. Learning how to perform great split testing is an art form that is cultivated through trial and error, but any CEO or digital marketer can successfully use split testing to harness greater conversions that multiples sales revenue. It is critical to test and retest multiple elements of your landing pages and sales funnel to make top-notch improvements to increase conversions drastically.

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