Ways to use visitor recordings to improve online sales

5 ways visitor recordings can help you improve online sales


We all want happy customers, don’t we? 


The customers who buy from our ecommerce website and come back again and again for more. That is the ultimate goal.

After looking at the traffic, the number of conversions, and bounce rate, this goal seems almost impossible to achieve. Well, not exactly.

This can be achieved by continually improving the website and making effective changes in all areas. However, how can that be done?  Because all that we knew about our relevant audience, we have already used that knowledge to make all the sections and process of the website better.

There’s a catch. There is a big difference between what the visitor wants and what we think they want.

Only by giving the potential visitors what they want, we’ll have visitors that will convert into buyers and hopefully, recurring happy customers too.

Many do not know what visitor recording is. Just like Dave here.

Read the exciting conversation between Dave and our CRO expert to know what is visitor recording and how it helps:


Dave (Client) – An Ecommerce website owner

John – CRO Expert from HumCommerce.


Dave: The question remains, what do my website visitors want?

John: This is where HumCommerce CRO tool’s visitor recording feature will help you.


Dave: Okay, so what does the visitor recording feature do?

John: It records the visitor sessions where everything gets recorded from the time they entered your website page until they left (except the personal information of the visitors).  

For example,

A visitor came to your website’s homepage, browsed for a while, clicked on a product, read about that product and then left that page.

All the interactions, the mouse cursor movements, scrolling, clicking, waiting idle, typing a form, typing in the search bar, all of these will be recorded.


Dave: How does recording visitor session help me?

John: Well, in short, it’s like you could see the winning lottery ticket without actually cheating. You can now see what all the visitors did on your website.  Before, it was not possible. So all you could was to shoot in the dark hoping the arrow hits the mark.


Dave: Okay, you got my attention, tell me more.

John: Let me explain to you in easy, actionable and insightful ways. All these ways will help you understand your site visitors better, give them what they are looking for and in turn increase your sales.

Now, Dave is attentively reading this article, and we hope you would too.


5 ways HumCommerce’s visitor recording feature can help you improve your ecommerce sales


Any decision you make should be based on data. Data doesn’t lie.

So, based on all the data we have, we have written this article to help our clients more in achieving their happy customers and revenue increasing dream.


1. Website UX (User Experience) Analysis


Many of our current clients use HumCommerce to see how their visitor’s interact with their website. Learning what the visitors are experiencing is one of the great ways to understand them.

By this, you’ll be able to make proper data-driven decisions and implement those changes to make the visitor experience smooth and pleasant.

First, looking at every recording will help you see how different people are interacting with your website. Watching and analyzing session recordings will help you in finding if the visitors are getting stuck somewhere.

For example,

  • Many visitors were clicking on a text on the home page which they thought was a clickable link. After watching plenty of recordings, you understood that this particular text needs to be changed. This change will help users not to get distracted by something and not feeling that the website doesn’t work or is misleading in some way.
  • A particular product page was getting good traffic but visitors for some reason we’re not buying the product. Watching the recordings revealed that visitor’s cursor was stopping at the product description section and then they left the page or website.

By knowing where visitors are getting stuck or how they are using your website can give you insights on how to make their website experience better.


2. Find UX Issues


Here the primary goal is to find the website design issues.

The UX issues can be of following types:

  • The website layout got changed in particular browser.
  • The login in button is not working on the mobile version of particular smartphones.
  • The responsiveness of the website’ mobile version is not proper for some mobile screens.
  • Videos are not playing in when a user clicks on them. Etc.

These insights are valuable for the website owner. Website owners thought everything was working perfectly, but after watching many recordings, they discovered these issues.

After watching the user struggle with UX, the owner can finally make fact-driven changes to the website.

The website can be tested on many grounds and functionality to make sure that everything is working as it was intended to.


3. Uncover Visitors Journey


The whole journey of visitors coming to the website can show the overall flow of their interactions.

How the visitor navigates, where they click, which pages they visit after coming to the home page or product pages. All this information can help the ecommerce site owner to understand the visitors and differentiate between the visitors.

HumCommerce tool funneling with recordings can help site owner break the visitors into two types.

  • Buyers
  • Non-buyers

The buyer’s journey can help uncover and identify patterns of potential buyers. These insights on how the buyers interact with forms, buttons, content, opt-ins will help in making changes which will increase the leads and conversion rates.

HumCommerce CRO tool also shows a visitor’s journey page by page with the time they spent on each page and what browser they used, operating system, screen resolution and more.


4. Other Reasons


  • Marketing agencies use it to check and show their clients the results they got.
  • To show website developers, designers, and testers where things are not working or where they have rooms to improve.
  • Some use recordings to detect traffic between bot traffic and actual human traffic.  
  • To sell CRO services to clients and future potential clients.

HumCommerce tool can be used in so many ways. The possibilities are countless.


5. Conversion Rate Optimization


The website will always have room for improvements in content, designs, functionality, checkout process and more.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the process of figuring out and discovering how and why to make the website better.


Read: To become known to all CRO jargons, read all CRO terms here.   


It means many things, from understanding the site traffic better and converting more from growing the online business (also called as growth hacking).

CRO is a comprehensive term. It consists of many sections. All these sections have to do with

  • User experience
  • User interface
  • Engaging content
  • Psychology of visitors
  • Design
  • Language
  • CTAs
  • Sales

The questions which will lead you to the answers for better CRO are

  • Are my visitors able to see my call to actions or ignoring them completely?
  • How many seconds to wait to display entry popup – 10, 15, 20, 30?
  • Where are people getting stuck and how to remove those obstacles?
  • Why do visitors leave the website after adding the product to the cart?
  • Why page A converts better than page B?
  • Which product pages are not converting at all and why?
  • Why are visitors leaving before completing the account creation process?




Everything comes down to users. What, why, how, when, where they do on your or client’s website. Understanding the is the key to converting them more and keeping them happy.

Ecommerce website has enormous potential as they are not bound to a small location and nearby consumers. Getting traffic is one thing but converting them can become much harder.

This is where HumCommerce’s all-in-one CRO tool will help you in not only understanding your visitors but also analyze them better with tool’s other features like

  • Visitors Recording
  • Heatmaps
  • Users Flow
  • Search Engine Keywords
  • Form Analytics
  • A/B Testing
  • Marketing Funnels
  • And 12 more CRO tool features to help you convert more.

If you are confused and don’t know where to start from, this is where you can start from top e-commerce metrics every business should track.

Shardul Deshmukh

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