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Top 15 User Engagement Metrics to Track and Improve for Organic Ranking

Engagement metrics are crucial if you want to measure the performance of your website. It indicates how much value your customers give to your content. No matter whether you are an independent blogger or you manage a corporate website, user engagement has to be your focus if you want to make your site popular. The more people engage the greater the chances of conversions. In this article, we will talk about the most common user engagement metrics which you will need to check from time to time based on your needs.

Studying user engagement metrics helps in understanding areas of improvement.

User engagement metrics is the most credible way to improve visibility for search engines. It helps you to understand the effectiveness of your website. Measuring user engagement metrics regularly will let you identify the most performing pages. The contents that fail to engage enough users should be replaced. Also, the more engagement you get the better it is for you.    

Reasons why user metrics is a ranking factor 

If you are keen on a strong web presence and search engine ranking, a good combination of traffic and engagement is the mantra for you.   

Here are the reasons why user engagement metrics is an important ranking factor – 

  • Better user engagement means low bounce rate and bounce rate is often considered good for getting a good position in search engine ranking pages. 
  • Better visitors engagement often results in Word of mouth publicity. It, in turn, results in more lead generation. More visits mean better ranking. 
  • Viewers engagement may get you some backlinks also from time to time. If Users find your content useful which is an important ranking factor.  

Understanding website engagement through the most important user metrics

1. Users

User is the most important factor for you if you are running a website. The traffic you get shapes your future. It defines your organic position in SEO pages. So how to attract the viewers to visit your pages is the first thing you need to think about. You should design your site in such a way that people should get interested in taking desired actions.

2. Pageviews

 The number of impressions you get contribute a lot to your success and growth. It is the most basic of all other user engagement metrics. You can understand how often people visit your pages by measuring page views. It also lets you understand what are the areas you need improvement on.    

3. New Vs Returning Visitors

If someone is revisiting your site, it is a good indication. People are liking your content. If you compare the number of new visits with the number of revisits, you will understand the reaction of people to your site. If the number of revisits is not increasing, you need to think seriously about how to improve your site content.   

4. Average Session Duration

Average session duration simply refers to the total amount of time spent on your site. It tracks all the activities of users. You need to check the average session duration from time to time. Moreover, It gives you a clear picture of what viewers are like or dislike on the site. Hence, you may make some changes to keep your viewers glued to the site.

5. Traffic Channel

How much organic traffic you get is the best way to measure the usefulness of your site contents. The referral traffic also indicates that at least some people are liking your site and they are referring you to otters as well. But if both are not up to your level of expectation, you have to restructure everything again. You need to find out why your website is not performing well and take some corrective measures.

6. Device Type

The browsing habits of people are changing. Most of the people today use phones or tablets more compared to desktops to visit different websites. On the other hand, some people use phones to check the products but they use a desktop when they go for purchase. As they find it better to use a big screen while making payment. So it is important to be fit for every screen size. You need to know from what kind of device the traffic is coming more. Accordingly, you have to make your roadmap. Device-based targeting and campaigns are very effective ways to increase conversion. 

7. Location

Today, online ecommerce stores and businesses have become global. Anyone who has access to the internet can interact with you online. Your product and service can be bought from anywhere from the global. Therefore, it becomes important to understand the exact location of your users. HumCommerce lets you do that with ease. You can identify locations with high traffic or low traffic and optimize advertising and marketing strategy accordingly.

8. Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is a percentage of visitors that turn away from the website after visiting only one page. This is a great way to know how users engage with your website content and overall design. If you have a high bounce rate, you need to work on website stickability. User engagement can be easily gauged by looking at the bounce rate of particular pages. You can increase conversions on your website by reducing bounce rate.

9. Top Entry Pages

Every website has top pages that bring most of the traffic. These pages result in the highest number of sessions on the website. This makes study of top entry pages one of the top user engagement metrics.  When we look at user data collectively, it is important to understand which pages perform better. This gives us an opportunity to work on those which are not performing well and pay extra attention to top entry pages which bring higher traffic.

10. No. of Actions

There could be many CTAs on your website that you want your users to click on. Website visitors interact in various ways with the website. Looking at the total number of actions taken can help us understand the user engagement. And each user has a unique journey throughout the website. Understanding the actions taken or buttons clicked can help you analyse webpages to increase conversion. 

11. Site Search

Your search bar is often used by visitors to navigate to the right product. Site Search keywords are those terms that are searched by users to find their desired product on the site. Looking at these keywords helps us identify the products users are looking for.

12. Top Exit Pages

Whenever users don’t find what they came looking for they tend to exit the website. Users might turn to another website to find the same product or come back again. Therefore, it is crucial to understand which pages are causing the most exits on the website.

13. Clicks and Heatmaps

Heatmaps give us details about user engagement with the website. It gives more information on how users scroll the webpage where they click. This information is useful to optimize website design and adjust CTA positions. Heatmaps are often useful for studying webpages along with conversion funnels.

14. Cart Abandonment Rate

Cart abandonments can be considered as missed out opportunities on the online businesses. We can study possible reasons for cart abandonment rate and optimize pages to boost checkout rate. Cart abandonment emails is one of the better ways to increase revenue for an online business.

15. Conversion Rate

Increasing conversion rate is your ultimate goal. All your other efforts are useless if the traffic doesn’t convert. You have to keep an eye on the conversion constantly to measure your success rate. At the same time you should keep planning how to boost up the conversion rate. For this, you have to be creative enough but think logically. Balancing the left and right brain properly is the best formula to hit the goal. The other important thing is you have to feel the pulse of your target group. Then only you will be able to shape your site in such a way that people will feel an urge to buy your products whenever they visit your pages.

HumCommerce CRO Tool is a great to study all the above user engagement metrics. Using HumCommerce is very easy and is the most comprehensive tool for all the above mentioned user engagement metrics. Your website needs HumCommerce if you want to study user engagement and take necessary steps for optimization.


Better user engagement means high profitability and better chances for growth. So, it is always important to measure the engagement metrics to know about your position in the competitive market. It helps you to set your future agenda in a better way. 

We have tried here to bring together 15 most important customer engagement metrics.  Hope our article will help you to design your site content the way your users want and increase your popularity. 
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