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Top 7 Website Builders For Small Business

The modern digital world has raised the bar for small businesses when it comes to marketing the brand online. That’s the reason why marketers and business owners don’t leave any stone unturned promoting their products or services online. Especially when it comes to building websites with website builders

Having a business website provides you with several new opportunities to gain conversion and increase revenue. Unlike a physical store, a website lets you cater to customers at a global level. However, most of the times, small businesses don’t run with enough budget. Hence, spending on a professional website becomes out of the question, right?

Don’t worry. Such is not the case anymore. With easy website builders and WordPress Privacy policy plugin, even those who don’t possess enough knowledge of coding and building can create a beautiful and attractive website.

Why Should You Use Website Builders?

When it comes to getting a professional website designed with website builders or premium WordPress Plugins, undoubtedly, experts are going to charge a bomb. Furthermore, if you’d want to make changes to the website, you may either seek help from the same developer or look out for a freelancer. Either way, you’d have to shed more money.

On the other hand, just by spending a few bucks, you can get almost everything you’d want with a website builder. Not to mention, these platforms even help you customize and change the look of the website in a seamless way.


Top 7 Website Builders for Small Business:

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For those who are looking for a simple and powerful website builder, Wix is the option to rely upon. While creating a website, you can expect all-round flexibility, which will make the process even more interesting.

Creating a website with Wix is a matter of a few hours. Not just this builder helps you create an intriguing platform for online brand awareness but even lets you keep things as minimal and elegant as possible. And the best part is that Wix doesn’t demand any design or technical skills to build a website.

Even if you have the least idea about coding, the drag and drop method of this website builder will provide you with the entire creative control. And, it is even recommended by several experts. With 500+ professional templates, you can surely provide an elegant look to your website.

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There is a majority of small business owners who can vouch upon the credibility and trustworthiness of WordPress. No wonder, approximately 26% of the internet runs on this platform, and surely, it is one of the most popular CMS across the world.
WordPress is scalable, flexible, and very easy to use. So, if you’re looking for a superior as well as a free website builder, then WordPress can be your friend.

Since it is open-source, you can find WordPress on almost every web hosting platform. Moreover, this platform even provides thousands of pre-built themes. Hence, finding the one that would match your specific business domain wouldn’t be a tough task. If you want, you can even integrate drag and drop page builders to gain more control.


If you’re looking for an e-commerce website builder that is simple enough to start with but also has all the tools you need to scale your e-commerce business then 3dcart may be the best option.

While it has a ton of features, it makes it simple to start with prebuilt e-commerce website themes, with both free and premium options. While the themes are customizable, they do come store ready. The best part is they come with a ton of marketing features that can help you build a high converting store.

Some of the marketing features include SEO optimization tools which can help make store and product optimization a simple process. Other tools include things like cart abandonment and lead generation tools to help with email marketing. All these tools work in unison to help drive more sales. 3dcart also comes with over 100 payment gateways and shipping add ons to help make the checkout process a breeze.

Lastly, if you need help, they provide 24/7 customer support.

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Another one on the list of user-friendly website builders is SiteBuilder. One of the significant advantages of using this builder is that the entire platform is extremely straightforward and intuitive. Whether you want to create a simple website or a high-converting WooCommerce store, SiteBuilder is said to make the process pain-free.

Equipped with a myriad of features, this platform is meant to please even the most contemporary website designers. Furthermore, it even provides more than 1200 templates to build an eye-catching website.

Also, SiteBuilder even offers a Save History feature along with blog builder and an impressive live chat feature to offer prompt and adequate customer support to your visitors.

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If you are looking forward to discovering such a website builder that would assist you to build an eCommerce store smoothly, then Shopify is your answer. Being a leading website builder, this platform has millions of users across the globe.

Amidst a gamut of features, Shopify provides more than 100 premium themes for you to choose from. Not just you can have easy access to CSS and HTML to customize the online store, but you can even seek help from experts, should you require that anytime throughout the building process.

Additionally, Shopify even generates the possibilities of making the online store mobile friendly as well as SEO optimized. And, as far as the customization is concerned, you get the utmost control for that. There are several other features as well that you can avail with Shopify, including 24/7 monitoring, 70 payment gateways, 99.9% uptime, multi-language support, and more.

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Moving forward, Site123 is another option you can choose to take charge of building your website on your own. Not just for a simple website, this platform even provides amazing dedicated support for those who want to build an eCommerce website.

Talking about design templates, there are a few hundred of them from where you can choose the one best matching the theme and domain of your business. These templates are easy to navigate as well as visually eye-catching.

Thanks to its clicking and dragging method reordering posts along with rearranging pages become a hassle-free job. This one is one of those website builders that promises an uptime of 99.9%. And then, you can even get a few emails option without the need of paying additionally.

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If you are willing to work with modular tools for editing, Weebly is the option that you should be considering. Although this platform doesn’t provide an extensive range of striking templates, however, its simple tools are easy to use.

Weebly even offers maps, contact forms, and other basic features just as other platforms would. Having a drag and drop building method, Weebly simply lets you grab elements from the left side panel and drop them on to a blank space.

Though Weebly doesn’t boast about innumerable high-end features and tools, however, the ones that are available here are enough for a small business. It even lets you have full-fledged access to HTML and CSS code, in case you would want to use a style or a font that isn’t available in Weebly.

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Next to the list is BoldGrid. Established by InMotion Hosting, this platform is quite different than the other options above. The best thing about BoldGrid is that you can either use it as a completely hosted website builder or as a WordPress plugin.
With an easy-to-use drag and drop builder, this platform also offers WYSIWYG editor, which stands for what you see is what you get. And then, there is an array of free WordPress themes that are even mobile-friendly. Hence, you get to design the website however you’d like.

Plus, there are even free images that you can use to enhance the look of your entire website further. It is even compatible with eCommerce and WooCommerce websites that will allow you to create an online store with ease.

Conclusion on Website Builders:

Considering the importance that a website beholds these days, you cannot afford to neglect this branding aspect for your business. Thus, even if you are just starting off and are low on budget, you can still create an attractive and user-friendly website.
So, navigate through these options mentioned above, have an insight into their features, and choose the best platform to build your business website.