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Top 5 WordPress Heatmap Plugins For Your Website

WordPress heatmap is an easy way to reach your conversion goals. They give you an idea about the behaviour of your customers in relation to your website tracking the movement of their muse. You get a clear picture of where they spend most of their time and what are the areas that fail to draw their attention. But, creating heatmaps on your website and analyzing them is not as easy as it sounds. You need to have a minimum technical knowledge for the purpose. If you don’t, it is highly likely that you will look for an alternative solution. And that is what WordPress heatmap tools will give you. They will automatically add heatmaps to your site and let you analyze the user behaviour with a few clicks. 

In this article, we will give you a list of the most widely used WordPress heatmap plugins of the year. These plugins will not just check the engagement of your users with your contents but also offer a solution to improve the performance of your site. All the plugins listed here are user-friendly and self-explanatory. Go through the list, you will be able to find at least one suitable for your needs.          

What is a heatmap? 

A heatmap is a data analysis tool that a website uses to track the visitors’ behaviour. It uses colours to represent visitors’ data in height and width exactly the way a bar graph does. It is an easy tool to check the performance of your website as it shows everything visually. You can find out the better-performing pages where the users spend most of their time within a few minutes. Heatmaps also let you find out how far a visitor has scrolled a page.  

How do you read heatmaps? 

Heatmaps use matrix layouts with colours and shades to represent the relationship between two different categories of values. The values are shown along X and Y axis and the corresponding cells are coded with colours to show the relation between them. The darkest shade represents the highest value and the lightest shade the lowest. You have to look at the hierarchy of shades to read the report. Usually, the areas that get the maximum number of clicks are highlighted with red and the low performing areas with yellow.
Heatmaps are useful to optimization conversion rate of your WordPress website.

What are the best WordPress heatmap tools?   

The market is flooded with lots of WordPress heatmap tools. If you are a WordPress user, finding a perfect tool for you is not at all a tough job. Which plugin will be better for you depends on your needs. Usually, what is expected from a heatmap tool is a clear and detailed representation of users’ engagement with the content and their behaviour like scroll, tap or click. You need to check how easily you can read the reports.    

You may check the following things before you go for a WordPress heatmap tool – 

  • Is it easy to set up? 
  • Is it easily customizable? 
  • How many types of visual reports does it generate? 
  • Does it have any additional tool like features for A/B testing?  

Top 5 WordPress heatmap plugins of the year 

Here is a list of the most widely used WordPress heatmap plugins of 2020


HumCommerce Heatmap

Hum commerce is a feature-rich WordPress heatmap plugin. It is an all in one tool for visitor behaviour analysis and conversion rate optimization. It offers you a flexible funnel builder that lets you create unlimited funnels. With this plugin, you can collect real-time user data and analyze them to have a clear picture of the user behaviour on your site. The unlimited heatmaps allow you to monitor all the pages to find out how your users engage with your content.   You can track every single movement of the mouse. The analysis makes you improve yourself and take corrective actions and also repeat it.     

The WordPress heatmap plugin allows you to create surveys on your site. You can directly ask the visitors why they are not going for your products and what they want on your site. The media analysis feature lets you track audio and video and your audiences’ involvement with them. You can easily boost up conversion rate by improving checkout form conversions.   

Key features – 

  • Set up eCommerce funnels 
  • Study session recordings 
  • Website heatmaps 
  • Form analytics 
  • Media analytics 

Price – $99


Hotjar Heatmaps

Hotjar is a WordPress web analytics tool designed to analyse traffic data. This plugin lets you install Hotjar software easily on your site. The heatmap software lets you move beyond the numbers and get a deep insight into the behaviour of your customers. You can add a human touch to your actions and empathise with the visitors helping them whenever they get stuck. There are features to find out the actual reaction of customers towards your products and make the required changes immediately. The plugin will let you track customer satisfaction, net promoter score and voice of the customer.  

Hotjar is fast and easy to setup. It helps your site comply with CCPA and GDPR. the plugin is well documented. There is a heatmap handbook available on the official website of Hotjar that contains a detailed guide about how to set up and analyze heatmaps.   


  • Visual report 
  • Session recording 
  • Funnel analysis 
  • Form analysis 
  • Feedback polls 
  • Surveys 

Price – $29

Crazy Egg 


Crazy Egg works like an Xray glass to find out what your visitors exactly do on your website.  You just have to add Crazy Egg tracking script to your website and it will automatically keep tracking the visitors’ behaviour through their movements on your site. You can track every single click, tap and scroll of individual visitors. The built-in editing tools let you customize your website as per your needs. You can alter the colour or the font style and after that directly publish them on your website. 

Crazy Egg is easy to install and use. It integrates easily with popular services like WordPress or Shopify. The confetti view feature lets you generate a report based on new or recurring visitors, country, browser, day of the week and other details. The plugin is mobile device compatible.  It is available in free and premium versions. If you are looking for a website heatmap free absolutely, Crazy Egg is your option. 


  • Visual report 
  • Session recording 
  • Easy A/B testing 
  • Advanced editing tools 
  • Scroll map support 
  • Confetti view 

Price – $24

Lucky Orange 

LuckyOrange Heatmap

Lucky Orange is a powerful WordPress heatmap tool for conversion rate optimization and customer feedback. It provides you with a suitable answer to the question, why people are not converting. With this user-friendly WordPress heat map plugin, you can track every single scroll, clicks and taps of the visitors to know their browsing behaviour. Analysing the behaviour, you will be able to find out the best performing and underperforming pages. It will give you a clear idea about the likes and dislikes of your visitors and understand what works well for your target group. Based on that you can redesign your pages and also the entire site if needed, to improve lead generation and in turn the conversion rate.     

You can install the plugin with just a single click. The customizable user dashboard allows you to discover the sources that bring maximum traffic to your site. There is a social media monitoring system. It lets you monitor the tweets about you and reply directly to your customers. Real-time notification systems inform you whenever any new visitor steps into your site and also about the actions taken by him.   


  • Heatmaps 
  • Form Analytics 
  • Visitors Recording 
  • Funnel Analysis 
  • Realtime Analysis 
  • Historical Analysis 

Price – $10


Mouseflow Heatmap

Mouse Flow is an easy WordPress heatmap tool to understand your customers easily and find actionable insight. The WordPress plugin helps you to identify the issues that are preventing the visitors from converting. Measuring users’ engagement with your content is always the most effective way to improve the performance of a site. There are features to find out even the code related error and correct them immediately. You can create a survey or poll to know the customers’ reaction thoroughly.    

You can find out a session easily using filters. The search criteria include location, language, session duration, browser, operating system, visitor type, pages viewed and many more. The plugin helps you to create feedback campaigns to find out what your users want. Accordingly, you can improve your site for a better result.  


  • Heatmap Suite 
  • Session recording & replay 
  • Funnel analysis 
  • Form analysis 
  • User feedback 
  • Advanced filters 

Price – $24 


Analyzing heatmaps properly helps you to discover numerous ways to optimize the user engagement of your website. That will contribute to improving the conversion rate. If you are struggling to find out why the visitors are not converting on your site, install a WordPress heatmap tool and get relieved of the problem. Within a few days, you will see the performance of your site improving.  

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