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Top 5 CRO WordPress Plugins to Boost Up Sales

In this article, we have brought a list of the top 5 CRO plugins for you.
Conversion rate optimization is one of the most important things for the growth of your website. Feeling the pulse of the audiences and dishing out the thing as per their choice is the easiest formula for CRO. A WordPress plugin for the conversion is your weapon to apply the formula successfully to your website. If you are a WordPress user, these plugins may create wonders for you if you use them properly. 

What does conversion mean?  

The word conversion means causing something to change from one form to another. In the case of a website, conversion takes place when a visitor takes an action that is considered to be profitable by the website owner. The action can be anything starting from filling a form to buying a product. It completely depends on the type of website you have. The most common types of conversion are – 

  1. Online sale of products or services 
  2. Email or newsletter subscription 
  3. Form completion 
  4. Document download 
  5. Sharing a post 

What is the conversion rate?

Conversion rate is the percentage of the visitors who take your predetermined and desired actions. It is calculated by dividing the number of conversions by the number of visits and multiplying it by 100 to get the percentage. Conversion rate is one of the common metrics to measure the success of a website. 

What is Conversion marketing?

Conversion marketing is a process of turning the website visitors into customers of your products or services. It comprises various tactics to persuade visitors to take a desired action like buying a product, filling up a subscription form, etc. The process does not just involve sales pitching but also techniques like giving offers or discounts and changing the layout of your website. Increased conversion rate means an increase in sales and greater return on investment. So, it is very important for any website to go for conversion marketing for its growth

How to do the conversion?

A  conversion is a result of your sincere efforts to persuade visitors to buy your products. And how to convince them completely depends on you. It’s your innovative idea that bears the result. No one knows your target audience better than you. So, only you can find out what will work for them. But there are some common processes that most of the people in the market follow. Based on the opinions of the market leaders, here we will share some tips that will help you to boost up your conversion rate – 

  1. Define your conversion goal properly 
  2. Identify the easy ways to reach there 
  3. Create a compelling and convincing value proposition 
  4. Communicate the value clearly 
  5. Make your site contents attractive and appealing 
  6. Set up a conversion funnel 
  7. Analyze user behaviour on your site
  8. Address the issues faced by the people who did not convert 
  9. Have powerful CTAs on your site 
  10. Make buying process smooth and easy 

Why is a conversion plugin important for a website? 

Conversion marketing is not an easy task and increasing conversion tare is a big challenge. You have to always keep an eye on the browsing behaviour of the visitors. There needs to be a constant analysis of user behaviour and you have to keep updating your site regularly. These need quite some effort on your part. If you take your eyes off even for a short span of time from your site, it may result in a big loss. A WordPress plugin for conversion may save you from this with its automation process. You just have to configure the plugin and the rest will be done automatically be it collecting data or analyzing them. 

On the other hand, you need different tools from time to time to reshape your website for increasing conversion rate like A/B testing, creating polls etc. A conversion plugin will offer you readymade features for these. You won’t have to do anything manually.

5 Best CRO Plugins For WordPress


HumCommerce CRO WP Plugin


HumCommerce is a feature-rich WordPress plugin for conversion optimization. It is an all in one tool for visitor behavior analysis. It collects real-time user data. You can analyze the data to have a clear picture of your user behavior on your site. The analysis helps you improve your site and take corrective actions and repeat it.    

The plugin allows you to study cart abandonment in your store. Further, you can directly see the visitors’ journey through session recordings virtually. This allows you to understand why they are not going for your products and what they want on your site. The session recording analysis feature gives you frustrated user’s recordings to watch. The HumCommerce plugin also filters out users who experienced dead clicks and saw error messages. You can easily boost up conversion rate by improving checkout and website usability. 

Key Features 

  • Analyze Cart Abandonment
  • Study session recordings 
  • Website Optimization
  • Daily Reports

Price – FREE

Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange is a powerful WordPress plugin for conversion rate optimization and customer feedback. Also, it will help you to find an answer to the question, why are people not converting? You can track every single scroll, click, and tap of the visitors to know their browsing behavior. This, in turn, will help you to identify the best performing and underperforming pages. Moreover, you will have an idea about the likes and dislikes more and understand what works well for your target group. Based on that you can redesign your site to make it fit for conversion marketing.    

You can install the plugin with just a single click. Additionally, the customizable dashboard allows you to discover the sources that bring maximum traffic. You can monitor the tweets about you and reply directly to your customers with Lucky Orange. Real-time notification systems inform you whenever any new visitor steps into your site.  

Key Features 

  • Visitor recording 
  • Dynamic heatmaps 
  • Real-time analytics 
  • Form analytics 
  • Funnel analytics  

Price – $10 

Convertize A/B testing for WordPress 

Convertize is an A/B testing tool for WordPress. The platform allows you to create alternative “B” versions of your webpages with a user-friendly drag-and-drop page editor. By setting goals, you can see which version increases your sales or sign-ups.

During an experiment, the “autopilot” monitors your pages and decides which version to show to each visitor. By sending fewer visitors to your less effective pages, the autopilot lets you experiment without risking conversions.

Alongside your A/B tests, Convertize allows you to add notifications, dynamic text, and geolocation to your webpages. You can apply these “SmartPlugins” directly from the page editor, so they can be included in your experiments.

Key Features

  • A/B testing with
  • “Autopilot”
  • Drag & drop page editor
  • Hybrid Statistics for faster, more accurate tests
  • Lightning Mode for faster page loading
  • Dynamic Text, Geolocation and Notification SmartPlugins

Price – $49


OptinMonster WP Plugin for CRO

OptinMonster is a professional WordPress plugin that lets you monetize your site easily with different form types, A/B testing, and analytics. Also, it is one of the best WordPress popup and lead generation plugins. With this plugin, you can generate more leads in three easy steps. First of all, create an attractive and visually appealing offer then personalize the offer with behavior automation, and after that test and adjust the offer in real-time. 

Further, the plugin comes with many features for conversion-boosting. For example geo-location targeting, page-level targeting, cookie retargeting, behavioral targeting, and many more.

Key Features 

  • Drag & drop builder
  • Mobile friendly popups 
  • Countdown timer 
  • Content locker 
  • Campaign scheduling 
  • Easy A/B testing  

Price – $9


Optimizely WordPress CRO Plugin

Optimizely is an advanced experimentation platform for WordPress. It is most suitable for business purposes. It allows the website owners to conduct multiple experiments with the site element to find out which combination works better. And the advanced targeting options like behavioral and contextual targeting allow you to personalize your campaign for different groups. The features for easy A/B testing let you find out which design has more potential and it helps you attract more customers. Conversion becomes easy if your visitors like your content. 

The plugin is developer-friendly. For them, there is a full-stack demo. They can conduct a Beta and remotely configure features. It is well documented and has video tutorials for beginners. Additionally, there are advanced research tools like sample size calculators. Marketers can use these tools to find out how to do conversions.          

Key Features 

  • Website personalization 
  • Behavioral targeting 
  • Contextual targeting 
  • Campaign segmentation 
  • Account management 
  • A/B testing 

Price – $50000/Year 

WP Smush 

WP Smush Wp Plugin Page Speed

WP Smush is a professional WordPress plugin for image compression and optimization. It helps you to improve your reading speed by compressing the images without affecting the quality. Further, there are features to set the maximum height and width for the images. All large images will automatically fit the size when you upload them. You can optimize images directly from the media library. If some images are not located in your media library, you can still compress and optimize them. 

The plugin is multisite compatible. It had Gutenberg Block integration. It supports PNG, JPEG, and GIF file formats. Also, this is a free plugin. But there is also a pro version available. Any moment you can upgrade to that for advanced features.    

Key Features 

  • Lossless compression 
  • Image resizing 
  • Incorrect size detection 
  • Automated optimization 
  • Lazy load 
  • Bulk smush 


To sum it up, if you are keen on converting your abandoning visitors into customers, you have to be very serious about conversion marketing. And if you want to update your site to attract more traffic and initiate the action of purchase, then there is no easier option for that than a plugin. All the plugins we talked about will help you to realize your conversion marketing goals without much effort. Hence, Grab the one you think will be useful for you and move ahead. A bright future awaits you. 

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