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Top 12 SEO Chrome Extensions You Must Have

SEO Extension helps everyone to get closer to their dreams of getting a better position on search engine result pages. A chrome SEO extension is a tool to improve your position in the search engine result pages. 

It will not only bring more number of visitors to your website but will also increase the conversion rate of your website. And, if you want to monetise your site, popularity is a crucial factor.

Everybody faces different SEO related issues. So, every SEO tool comes with some different features. You need to check what are the features that you require to find a perfect chrome SEO tool for your website. In this article, we have brought a list of 12 most widely used SEO tools for chrome of the year. Hope these will help you to cope up with your SEO needs. 

What is chrome extension? 

The word extension in the context of a website simply means small software programmes that improve your browsing experience. They allow you to tailor the functionality and behaviour of chrome to your requirements and choices. Extensions are developed on web technologies such as HTML, Javascript and CSS. In simple words, chrome extensions are tools to increase the functionality of your browser. 

A chrome SEO extension is an addon that you can use to increase your web visibility for better SEO ranking. Once installed, it helps the search engine spider to locate you easily.  

The most popular chrome SEO Extensions 


Ahrefs SEO Extension

Ahrefs is an all in one toolkit for search engine optimization. It offers you almost everything that you need to find a good position in the search engine ranking pages. With this, you can do keyword research, check backlinks, fix broken links and also have a detailed competitive analysis of your brands. There is no better tool than Ahrefs if you want to know what your competitors are doing and where they are standing in the market. If you can use the tools that Ahrefs comes with properly, you are bound to succeed in your business. There is nothing that can hold you back. 

AMP Validator 

AMP Validator

AMP Validator is a must if you need to survive in the competitive market today. Browsing habit of people is changing day-by-day. Most of the people today use their smartphones for internet surfing. In such a scenario, if your site is not AMP ready, it is a drawback for you. AMP Validator makes AMP checking easy for you. It checks the current pages to see if a page is ready for AMP. it then runs the pages through AMP validator and reports whether a page has passed the test.If a page passes, it shows Green and if it fails it shows Red via extension icon.

Find That Lead 


Find That Lead is a powerful Chrome extension to expand your web network and grow your business. This lets you find any email that you require on LinkedIn, Twitter or other web domains. This feature helps you to contact decision makers, field experts and influencers whose help you may need from time to time to promote your brand. With Find That Lead, you can verify any email from any source or LinkedIn profile in minutes. You can verify and send an email following three simple steps – Go to researching a lead -> verify email -> send a direct message. No need to close your browser.   



Being grammatically correct is a prerequisite for every professional writing. Grammarly helps you to check whether your writing is grammatically correct in seconds. Once you install Grammarly, it will give you an indication whether what you are writing is correct right at the time of typing. This will help you to produce good quality content. The free extension will not just fix the spelling and grammar but also let you make your sentences simple and concise. Grammarly has a premium version as well. It lets you improve your word choice and tone of writing. If your readability is good, you get more number of visitors and it has its own impact on the SEO ranking. Grammarly, though is a passive SEO tool for chrome, is a dependable companion for every writer. 

Growth bar 


If you are keen on increasing your online consumer base, Growthbar is your option. It is a powerful SEO tool. With this, you will be able to track backlinks, keywords and Google ads. Once installed, it will give you millions of keyword suggestions. No need to go for ant keyword research tool separately. It offers you lots of easy to use features for content marketing, growth marketing, growth tracking and above all ready to use eCommerce functionalities. It is a free tool. 

Keywords Everywhere 

KeywordsEverywhere-SEO Extension

Keywords are lifelines if you want to promote your business online. These don’t just assure a better SEO rank but also increase your popularity. Keywords help searchers to locate you easily. And for finding high-volume and appropriate keywords, you need thorough keyword research. Keywords Everywhere is a user-friendly keyword research tool. You need not put any extra effort into research when you have this tool at hand. You just type the keyword in Google which you are interested to use, the Keywords Everywhere will show you a long list of related terms that you can go for to increase the popularity of your page.    

Link Checker 

LinkChecker-SEO Extension

Link Checker is a free link checking tool. It allows you to check broken, unverified, do follow, no follow, external and internal links. You can analyze all the links in minutes. There are features for fast and advanced export of link data. There is an on-page link code browser. It helps you to find out the exact source code on any link for fast spotting of issues. It is impossible any website to move forward unless all link issues are resolved. Links are one of the most important primary elements to run a website properly. Link Checker is designed keeping this need in mind. 



Domain authority is an important factor when it comes to SEO page ranking. The higher your domain authority is, the better an SEO position you are likely to get. Mozbar is a chrome extension created by Moz that helps you to know about the domain authority and page authority of any page available on the web. It is an advanced tool to carry research about any potential competitor. When you go to their website, it will help you to find out their most authoritative pages which you need to analyze. A detailed study of the competitors’ site will help you to set your future agenda in a better way to increase your market share.        

Redirect Path 


Redirect Path is a lesser-known chrome SEO extension. But if you need to go for a technical SEO, there is hardly any better tool than this. Usually, URLs change over time. Many different factors contribute to it. You may need to consolidate your pages or delete some old contents. In such cases, this tool helps you to find out if anything goes wrong. With Redirect Path, you can understand in seconds if all the redirects are working correctly or anyone is broken.     

SEO Meta in 1 Click 

SEO meta in one Click

For SEO Metadata is a very crucial part of your website. It helps search engine spider to find your site easily. It also lets you know whether your pages are worth showing on the first page or they deserve a good SEO position. Composing metadata is not enough. Unless it is displayed properly, it is of no use. SEO Meta in 1 Click helps you to display all metadata or meta tags clearly on your website. It improves your visibility which increases the chances for a better SEO rank.  

Similar Web

SimilarWeb-SEO Extension

Traffic is your main focus if you have a web presence and want to increase your popularity. Similar Web SEO Extension is a tool that lets you get traffic data without going back to your site. You can see the traffic data for the last 6 months. You can even find out the bounce rate, average pages per visit and the visit duration. The tool also lets you track the geographical location where your visitors are coming from. You can also know about the traffic source, whether your traffic is coming from social media, search engine, referral sources or they are direct traffic.     

SERP trends SEO 


If you want to measure your progress, keeping a track of SEO position is an easy way. If you can compare your current position with that of the previous day or the last time when you checked, what else can be better? And that is what SERP trends SEO lets you do exactly. With this, you can go for a deep analysis of where you need improvements. It helps you to get a better SEO rank.     

There are many factors that contribute to your SEO positions independently. What is most important for you and which area you need to work upon completely depends on the current status of your website. You may need to carry more detailed research to find better keywords or work on the links or something else. You need to go for a thorough analysis. Once you are sure about what you need, find a tool that will help you to fix the issue you are facing. All the tools listed here are unique in their own way. They will surely help you in some way or the other to improve your SEO rank.    


To Sum it up, you can use these SEO extension for various activities. Every SEO extension can easily be divided into one of the three sections; Technical SEO, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO. If you take care on all the three for your website, it will help you covert more visitors into customers. This results into higher profitability and more revenue in returns.
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