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10 Conversion Boosting Tips for a WordPress Website

Everyone dreams of getting more traffic to his website. But if the traffic does not lead to conversion then it is of no use. Even a conversion is also not the ultimate goal. A good conversion rate is what a marketer desires. But how to increase the conversion rate is a million-dollar question! It is not easy. Not everyone can find a way to optimize his website for conversion and boost the conversion rate up successfully. 

Here, we have brought some tips for you to optimize your WordPress website and increase the conversion rate. If you are worried about a low conversion rate, try the tips, it will help you to get over the problem.

What is a good conversion rate

What is a good conversion rate is a very difficult question to answer as it varies with the product, niche, and industry. However, according to a study conducted by Wordstream over 100 of its clients, the ideal conversion rate hovers around 2% to 5% in normal circumstances.

Tips to boost conversion rate

Impressive Headlines

Impressive Headlines

An impressive headline is the first thing that your visitors get attracted to. If the headline is effective then only the viewers feel like going through the inner contents. Therefore your headline should be catchy and convincing enough to hold back your visitors and make them go through the details. 

Here are some popular forms of headlines which may increase your click-through rates – 

  • Direct Headline 
  • Question Headline 
  • Command Headline
  • How to Headline
  • Problem Solving Headline 

Powerful CTAs

Powerful CTAs

A powerful CTA is one of the best tools to increase conversion rates. It makes it much easier for visitors to get in touch with you. No matter what your purpose is, purchase, lead generation, creating an email list or generating visitors’ contact details, a powerful CTA can serve your purpose in minutes. 

An attractive CTA paced properly in a good noticeable position ensures an increased conversion rate. As per a study conducted by Google, the most appropriate position is right above the fold and not on the top of the page. 

Here is a list of most popular types of CTAs that may increase your conversion rates – 

  • Buttons 
  • Popup Forms 
  • Pricing Tables

Fast Loading Speed

Website loading time

A fast loading speed ensures that half of your work is done. People are busy nowadays and nobody has time to sit and wait for the website to load. It is most likely for the visitors to switch to the other websites,  try to reload the page or press the specific button for action again if the landing page takes long to load properly. So a fast loading speed is a must for boosting up conversion rate. 

You may use a powerful WordPress theme like Responsive by Cyberchimps to make your landing page load faster. Cyberchimps is a responsive and customizable WordPress theme that comes with blazing fast speed and 35+ ready-to-use WordPress website templates. It also offers a handful of advanced features to make your website more user-friendly like, adaptive layout, custom mobile menu, WooCommerce compatibility, and beautiful galleries, multiple page layouts and unlimited color options. It may make your site more attractive and boost your sales.

Here are some more tips to make your loading speed faster – 

  • Resize and compress the images before uploading
  • Don’t use too many redirects 
  • Limit plugins and widgets  

Simple Navigation

Simple Navigation

Simple and easy navigation may seem a very minor tool but it has its own importance. The simpler the navigation is, the greater the chances for the visitors to lead to the landing page or go to the call to action.  

You should also be very clear about whether to use the navigation links on your landing pages or not. It totally depends on your purpose. 

Here are some tips to make the navigation simpler – 

  • Use inbound links to drive more traffic to your landing pages
  • Use a custom menu with easy to understand navigation terms 
  • Add links to Inline  Anchor CTAs or sidebar to direct more traffic to important pages
  • Direct leads to CTAs to through texts or arrows

Time Limit

Limited Time Offer

The more time your users spend on your landing page, the less they are likely to make a purchase because there is always a chance of changing their minds. There may be various reasons for this. They might get attracted to different other similar options or the product may no longer seem that much attractive as it seemed in the beginning. 

An impulsive purchase is a common phenomenon when it comes to online purchase and that happens in a short period of time. Therefore, it is important to limit the time of page visits to increase the conversion rate.

Here are some tips to help you to limit the time for your visitors’ visits to your pages- 

  • Use offers like they are going to get a certain percentage of discount on their purchase for the next few hours
  • Create a temptation by offering gifts or gift vouchers on a purchase made in the next few hours

Quality Content

Increase the conversion rate with quality content

Content should be clear, interesting and informative. Build content that is good enough to grab the interest of the page visitors and hold them back. The content needs to be able to clearly state in what way visitors are going to be benefited if they purchase the product. It should arouse a feeling in the visitor that they genuinely require the product but it should not seem like a  promotional brochure or flyer. 

Here are some tips to create interesting contents – 

  • Make it clear and compact
  • Avoid ambiguity 
  • Use simple words and sentences 
  • Write from the perspective of your target audience

Limited quantity

Limited Quantity

Limited Quantity is a very useful option to increase conversion. It creates a sense of scarcity. When the visitors know that there is a shortage of the desired product they go for a quick purchase out of fear. But you should use this very carefully in a creative way. Once a fear appeal is made, immediately a recovery tool should follow in order to make the appeal useful and provide the visitors with some relief. Instead of just showing the limited stock you should also use a Call to action button for direct purchase.

Testimonial & Referrals

Testimonials and referrals are very useful tools to increase your conversion rate. It creates a sense of trust. Something which is considered beneficial and useful by a third party seems more trustworthy to common people. People tend to purchase such a product more and go for a  quick purchase. According to a study conducted by Nielsen, 92% of people follow the recommendations from a peer and 70% of people follow the recommendations from completely unknown people. 

Testimonials and referrals should be placed directly after the details of the product to make it impressive.

Distraction-free Landing pages

A powerful landing page is very important for conversion. It should be designed in such a way that it may successfully lead the visitors directly to call to action. It should create an interest among the visitors for purchase. Landing Pages with fewer links convert more.

Increase the conversion rate with great landing pages

It is advisable to create a landing page that hides the sidebar, is not text-heavy and does not contain anything that draws the attention of the visitors away from the Call to action. Learn how to create great landing pages in 2020.

Mobile Optimization

Last but not least is mobile optimization. It is a must tool nowadays for boosting conversion as the buying habits of the consumers are changing rapidly. People now use their mobiles or tablets more for online purchases or at least for checking the products. 

Tools to optimize WordPress websites for conversion

Call to action and banner

Add Call to action button on the most popular pages of your website. You must not forget to adapt the content of your call to action or the banner and also the destination page to the context of the article. Go for A/B testing for your content and design before the actual action.

Recommended Tools:

Websites Popups

With website popups, you may add a layer to your website for displaying your call to action and get more emails. The best way to use popups is to display them at the end of an article. The visitors will see them just before they leave the page. You can then redirect them to a contact page like registration form or demo form and ask them to join your email list. 

Recommended Tools:

Live Chats

You may use Live chats in two different ways. One, use them as a way for the visitors to reach you when they feel like contacting.  The other way is to greet the visitors with an automatic message and ask them in what way you can help them. The second way is more effective as it may generate more conversations. The first one is comparatively a little passive.   

Recommended Tools:

CRO Tool

A CRO Tool is one of the most impressive and effective ways to optimize your website for conversion. An advanced CRO tool may not just make your site attractive but also boost up your sales in a few days. Here, in HumCommerce we have brought a handful of effective features with which you can optimize your site for conversion in minutes. 

HumCommerce will enable you to set up an eCommerce Funnel to identify the pages where users are dropping off. You will also be able to study visitor recordings, check visitor analytics, form analytics and monitor website heatmaps. It will also enable you to take corrective actions in case there is any problem on the website. 

Wrapping up

Hope we could provide you with some valuable insights on how to increase conversions. To sum it up, firstly, optimize your site for conversion and then try the tips. These tips will increase your conversion rate very easily. But remember the purchasing habits and tastes of the people keep changing with time. So, keep trying new and innovative ideas to keep your conversion rate stable. 

Write a comment and let us know what you think about increasing the conversion rate of a WordPress website.

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