Top 5 Best Free WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Plugins (2021)

If your online store is built on WooCommerce, you can customize almost everything to suit your needs for your store by plugins. And WooCommerce shipping is one of them. In fact, a good shipping rule will boost your conversion a lot.

There are many WooCommerce table rate shipping plugins out there, both free and premium. In this article, we will share with you the top 5 best plugins for you to execute your shipping strategy easily.

What is Table Rate shipping?

Table Rate shipping is very simple. All you need to do is create a table based on some data such as destinations, weight, volume, total price, number of items, etc., and decide a particular fee for the shipping rates.

With it, you can create many complex rules for your online store. This is very important if you want to deliver your products worldwide.

Every store sells different products in different places. That means the shipping rule is different for each store. So you have to create your own table rate shipping for Woocommerce stores that works perfectly with your needs.

What To Consider When Choosing A WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Plugins?

When choosing a weight based shipping plugin for your website, you need to check if all the factors below meet your needs or not.


If you sell physical products in an online store, you can not ignore the shipping process. And to calculate the right shipping fees, you need to rely on many factors.

That is why you need a shipping plugin that can cover all factors you need, such as quantity, product category, weight, etc.

Shipment Tracking

This is a fundamental feature for an online store. If customers can track the packages as it moves, they will be much more assured, especially for long-distance shipping. In the long term, they will come back and buy more, making the reputation of your store increase.

Logistics Support

Customers can be anywhere in the world. So if your stores sell cross-country, you will need a plugin that supports both domestic and international shipping.

Top 5 Best Free WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Plugins

Table Rate for WooCommerce by Flexible Shipping

If you need to set up multiple shipping rules, you can use this one. This is one of the most popular WooCommerce shipping that you can use for free.

With this plugin, you can easily configure shipping costs based on cart weight and cart total. Plus, its user interface is pretty simple, making the setup process more easy and straightforward.

Furthermore, you can hide some specific shipping methods for those who have not logged in, and set maximum and minimum shipping rates.

You can add unlimited shipping methods with this plugin and manage them by their title and description.

WooCommerce Weight Based Shipping

If you only want to add weight based shipping methods to your Woocommerce website and nothing else, this plugin is for you.

With this, you can configure the rules with a dynamic shipping rate or flat shipping rate based on order weight.

Furthermore, your online store can show multiple rates so customers can choose what they want. With each product class, you can choose a default setting that displays at first sight. You can change it later, of course.

It still has other useful bundled features like create shipping methods based on subtotals and destinations.

That means you can set up free shipping conditions based on total weight, subtotal, or other conditions that this plugin supports.

WooCommerce Advanced Shipping

This plugin allows you to set up table rate shipping and tiered shipping with ease. You can configure shipping methods based on total weight and cost. It uses default WooCommerce shipping zones.

The highlight of this plugin is you can choose whether or not to include tax in the shipping rates of your online store. If you need to handle charges with multiple tiers, you can do it with this plugin, too. This is one of the best free shipping plugins for WooCommerce that supports this feature.

One more plus for this plugin is its compatibility. You can use it with many other plugins to create unique shipping strategies for your store.

If all the features above are still not enough for you, there is a premium version that has even more unique features besides unlimited shipping services.

Flat Rate Shipping Plugin (Table Rate shipping) For WooCommerce

If you install this, you can extend the shipping methods of your website by creating your own rules. This plugin supports many shipping rules based on country, product, category, etc.

When you activate a rule, it will appear on the checkout page of your store. You can manage all the rules by setting a custom method name, too.

This plugin also provides an estimated delivery time on the checkout page to notify the customers, though it is not quite accurate.

In short, this plugin allows you to create unlimited methods by unlimited shipping rules for all your table rate shipping Woocommerce needs. It also provides some sorting for you to quickly classify all methods you have created.

WC – APG Weight Shipping

This plugin can help you calculate shipping charges based on destinations and weight. The point is it can calculate based on the postcode of state, province, or even country. That means you can add a fixed shipping cost for whole specific destinations for each order.

Moreover, you can add an additional fixed cost as a percentage or amount during the shipping process of specific products. It also provides estimated delivery time that you can not find in other free shipping plugins.

Especially, you can create unlimited rates for one product, assign specific or exclude rates for a shipping class. To protect the privacy of your store, you can hide the payment gateway with this plugin, too.

Final thoughts

If you open an online store, one of the most important things you have to think about is creating a good shipping strategy. A transparent and reasonable shipping fee will boost your conversion a lot.

Despite Woocommerce having some basic shipping rules, it is just not enough for a medium store. All the 5 WooCommerce table rate shipping plugins we shared above will improve the buying experience of your customers if you use them correctly.

If you have any questions, you can ask us in the comment section below. Thank you for reading!

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