Kickass ECommerce Articles You Should Read

Yes, you are busy nurturing your eCommerce business. But it is absolutely essential that you set aside some time regularly to catch up on your reading. And somehow you keep bookmarking articles but never read them right?

How about starting with just one article every day? And decide to take one corrective action a week? It may not seem like much, but chances are, you are not doing even that much right now?

To help you get started, here are five hand-picked articles that our editorial team loves and swears by. They may not all be the ‘latest’ articles but all of these talk about simple, effective, time-tested tips that you can easily implement today. You probably are familiar with some of them too and might only need a little nudge to go ahead and do it.

So here goes. Pick one article a day and start reading.

Nudge, Nudge.

10 Things Customers Want on a Website

Basic stuff that all of us need reminding of. None of this is brand new information for you – but I am willing to bet that your website does NOT have all 10 of these must-haves in place.

Read it and implement the missing elements.

10 Welcome Email Examples

If you have an ecommerce website, surely you collect mail ids and send your subscribers / customers a welcome mail. Here’s a lovely collection of awe-inspiring welcome emails that you use for inspiration. Don’t copy for sure – because your welcome email needs to reflect your own personality and your own business values – but do refer to these for motivation.

Read it and improve your welcome email

Wouldn’t you love to hear from successful e-commerce experts how they made it big? Now you can do just that with this neatly compiled list of tips by 25 experts in the e-commerce business.

Read it and learn

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