11 reasons why people leave your website

11 reasons why people leave your website

With the internet becoming one of the most considerate sources of business branding, a majority of people are actually jumping up into this world, without evening gauging the repercussions. This is primarily what is pushing them down the gutter.

After all, something that is working for one brand may not necessarily work for your business as well, isn’t it? Now, there are several things that you need to run your business online successfully, right from an attractive website to a mindful strategy. Coming to websites, people generally perceive that once they have built it, traffic will find its way inevitably. The internet business is not a fairy tale always.

Suppose that you have an alluring website designed. And, you have re-edited the content again and again until you are entirely satisfied. Are you sure your visitors are still going to stick around? What if they don’t? Most of the times, visitors don’t even spend more than a minute on a website that they don’t find worth it. If yours is one of them, then you must know that you are on the brink of tasting failure.

Moreover, with ever-increasing competition, it has become even way more difficult to keep people engaged and visitors happy. What is even more important is ensuring that your visitors are leaving with a positive impression on their minds.

Even if you might think that you are on the right track, there would be several reasons why customers leave the website. If you are still trying to figure out this theory, here are top 11 reasons that will help you see the reality.

Frequent & Too Many Ads

too many ads

When a visitor comes to your website, one thing that allows him to stay and explore your brand is the smooth navigation. Having too many ads on the website cause a lot of disturbance, which eventually makes visitors frustrated enough to close your website and leave it instantly. This has even been stated as one of the most common reasons people leave websites.

While as a business owner, you may want to attract subscribers to your blogs, get signups for free trials, let people buy your products or services, whatever is the case, having too many ads may hinder their happy discovery.

So, if you have a lot of ads on your websites, think of taking them out and get on a website cleaning mission now.

Outdated Design

update your Outdated Design

Despite your visitors preaching that they don’t judge a book by its cover when it will be about the design of your website, things will take a U-turn. According to recent studies, a majority of visitors will not dither from leaving your website, if they found the design to be outdated or uncomfortable. Changes are always good, aren’t they?

So, if it has been a while since you have not re-designed your website and you are experiencing a sheer decline in the number of visitors, guess it is the time to get your hands on a proficient developer and revamp your entire design. If you want, you can even conduct a research and see what is working in your niche, in terms of website designs and layouts.

No Mobile Optimization

No Mobile Optimization

In the world of smartphones, you cannot expect your audience to sit in front of the laptop or computer all the time and visit your website whenever required. With trend, it is necessary to transform the way you work. So, if you haven’t got your website mobile optimized yet, it is the time to get it done. Otherwise, it will leave you wondering why customers leave the website and lower your mobile conversion rate.

Also, not just for providing a friendly experience to your customers, but having a mobile-optimized website even helps you gain good marks in SEO and rank higher in search engines. This is a plus point you wouldn’t want to miss, right?

Chaotic & Perplexing Pages

If you are living in the bubble that your website visitors are patient and calmed species, it’s time you burst it and step out. Know that your website visitors are just impatient enough and they are just going to skim through your pages instead of reading the entire content. So, there isn’t any need of filling up the pages just to make them understand things in a better way.

Visitors tend to leave such websites that have overcrowded pages. Having more than extra information will leave them perplexed and they wouldn’t know which page to turn to. So, if you have excessive information on your web pages, consider taking out some of it.

Keep the content precise and pointed. Make sure that the links are working enough, and you have linked important sections of the website with each other. Keep it simple and yet elegant.

Wrong Audience Target

wrong audience target

There is no denying the fact that having an online business calls for many responsibilities. And, if you are not aware of how to run it properly, your ship is going to sink for sure. Thus, another one of the important reasons people leave websites is because they may have redirected to a wrong site.

If you are conducting online promotion, whether through social media or search engines, make sure that you are targeting the right set of audience. It is important to create a customer persona and understand what your customers want before you take in the plunge to serve them.

Try finding the pain points, requirements, and needs of your customers before you spend money on any online marketing. At the end of the day, if you haven’t targeted to the right set of audience, they will end up increasing your bounce rate by leaving your website.

Taking Too Much Time to Load

too much time to load

As mentioned above, your website visitors are impatient, and they don’t stay for a longer period of time. So, if your website takes a lot of time to load, you may lose a lot of leads and customers because of that. The appropriate time for website loading is 4 seconds. And, if your website is taking more time than that, it’s time you must start worrying and finding a solution for it.

There might be several reasons because of which your website might be slowing down. It can be either large pictures or videos, unnecessary plugins, redirecting, or any other thing, find it out and fix it before it wreaks havoc.

Problems with Autoplay


Another annoying thing that adds onto reasons people leave websites is the irritating automatically playing videos or audios. Although you may like having it on your website, it really pisses visitors off and they get distracted from searching and finding the required information or product.

Although some owners are generous enough to provide the off button, there are some such videos that force users to bear till it ends. In this context, you must keep in mind that your visitors are not going to sit and let the torture consume them. On the other hand, they will simply close the window, affecting your bounce rate. So, if you have any such thing on your website, it’s time to shut it off.

No Information About the Brand


If you are just starting up with online business, you must keep in mind that there are plenty of fishes in the sea already. And, they have already managed to procure customers’ trust and are serving them successfully. But, humans are always up for something new and experimental. Therefore, they won’t step back from trying what you have to offer unless you don’t have any substantial identity.

Studies have shown that not having a proper history or About Us page on the website kills visitors’ interest. Also, if you didn’t have authenticated contact details, it can even leave a bad impact on your visitors’ mind. They may have a hard time building trust and just walk away from your website. So, if you are missing out on such important aspect, showcase it right away.

Asking for Obtrusive Information


While it is important to stay in touch with your visitors and know more about them, just so you can retarget them later. However, asking for obtrusive information may not turn the table in your favor. It is really fine to put up signup forms on your website, however, fields that you are adding in it simply tell how things are going to turn.

If you are asking for unnecessary information, it would be obvious that they will leave your website. So, sit back and gauge your signup form. Think from a visitor’s perspective. Would you give out such information to any website? If your answer is no, then you must remove that field right away.

Being Monotonous & Boring

Being Monotonous & Boring

If your customers are looking out for something, they will surf through dozens of websites in a day. And, it is not likely that yours is the first one that they will open unless you are sitting royally on the top in search engine results. So, having monotonous and same information, similar to every other website in your niche, may not attract them enough.

Try being different. Make sure that your brand’s message is reflected well on your website. If you have offers running, ensure that they are clear enough for your visitors to decode and understand.

No Attractive CTA


In the end, it is all about a compelling call-to-action that you have on your website. If you fail to put it up, your visitors will simply leave your website, without taking an action. Surely, you wouldn’t want that to happen, right?

Therefore, if your website is lagging behind in terms of a CTA, you must make sure that you have one on every important page. This does not mean on every page, just the important ones, where you would want your visitors to take an action.


Keeping the competition in mind, it has become quite difficult to keep your visitors hooked. There might be many situations where you must have wondered reasons people leave websites, isn’t it? Now that the list is in front of you, make sure that you assess your website according to this and fix the bugs wherever they are to decrease the bounce rate.

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