Top Lead Generation Strategies to Improve Conversion Rates

Top Lead Generation Strategies to Improve Conversion Rates

Leads are immensely important to your business. Every business is always trying out various lead generation strategies in pursuit of generating more and more leads. While it is relatively easy to drive traffic to your website, converting the visitors into leads is particularly challenging.

To make lead generation a bit simpler for you, we have compiled 6 lead generation strategies that you’d be able to adopt in your sales and marketing regardless of whether you’re a B2B or a B2C organization. Let’s dive in!

1. Create Gated Content

Whether you’re a B2B or a B2C brand, when it comes to generating more leads, you’d very often be advised to create more content.

“Create more content” is incomplete advice. To generate leads for your business, it’s not enough to create blog articles or infographics. While they increase the time spent on your website and help the SEO efforts, they don’t explicitly lead to generating leads on your site.

To generate leads through content, you need to focus on creating gated content. Gated content requires users to input their details such as email, name, designation and so on. Ebooks, whitepapers, templates, checklists, and guides are very effective content formats to generate leads. Your content strategy should work in such a way that content like articles or infographics should guide visitors to downloadable content. You can put a call to action link to the relevant gated content at the end of every article or infographic.

Here’s an example of HubSpot using this tactic to generate leads. They’re giving away a free resource related to SEO myths under their ‘5 Essential SEO Tips That Have Helped HubSpot Become an Organic Powerhouse’ article.


2. Use the Conventional Lead Generation “Growth Hacks”

To get more leads, you need to make your lead generation efforts more visible. Lead magnet tools allow you to display gated content, offers, discounts or any lead generation activity at prominent places.

You can use popups, fullscreen popups, header bars, sliders, inline forms, etc. to share links, build a subscriber base, boost downloads or increase your social media following.

Here is how we at HumCommerce use lead magnets.

In the first instance, we use a pop-up on the blog to increase email newsletter subscribers:


In the second instance, we are using a pop-up to promote a lifetime deal that lets you use HumCommerce at $49.


You can gamify this activity to motivate users to act faster. You can put up a countdown timer or introduce a limited period offer (As shown above) to create a sense of urgency.

Coupon wheel optins have become all the rage in recent times because of their gamified nature. By introducing discounts or similar offers through coupon wheels, you can significantly boost your conversion rate. The anticipation of winning keeps your visitors try it over and over again.


Image Credits: OptinMonster

3. Make Email Marketing an Integral Part of Your Strategy

Email marketing is still regarded as one of the most effective lead generation strategies. But there’s a caveat to it. It would work only if you use it strategically. Email marketing is a powerful lead nurturing and prospecting medium.

With email marketing, you can setup onboarding programs that can acquaint leads, prospects or customers with your products or services.

To get the most out of your email marketing efforts, you need to send content and offers that go well with the stage of the buyer’s journey the subscriber is in. For instance, you can send a whitepaper to a user who is in the awareness stage, whereas you can send a coupon code or personalized discount to a user who is in the decision stage as it will compel them to make the decision faster.

Even though email marketing is a high-impact medium, it is as strong as your subscriber base, i.e. the more subscribers you have, the more effective it will be. Therefore you should equally focus on point #1 and #2 that we looked at in this article.

4. Use Compelling Call to Actions (CTAs)

Call to actions guide the users with the next step to be taken on the website. If there’s nothing directing users what to do next, they’ll most likely flounder around before leaving your site. CTAs act as a psychological nudge that prompt users with what are they supposed to do next.

Use persuasive language to make CTAs effective. For instance, refer to the following screenshot:


The buttons “Shop Now”, “Apply Now”, and “Shop by Brand” act as CTAs, but the surrounding text “Only 3 Days Left!” incites the visitor to act promptly as it is creating a sense of urgency.

Crafting a message for a CTA should be driven by your audience. You can make the audience download your ebook by simply using “Download Now” as the CTA text, or you can be descriptive by using “Send Me the EBook On My Email ASAP!” as the text. Run A/B tests to arrive at a conclusion.

5. Use Remarketing Strategically

You can reconnect with your visitors or leads through remarketing. Remarketing ads act as a reminder to people who have visited your website but didn’t buy from you. Similar to email marketing, you can target remarketing ads based on the stage of the customer journey. In fact, you can use remarketing in conjunction with email marketing to amplify your efforts.

Another tactic you can use in your advertising efforts is to reach out to a broader audience through the lookalike audience feature. Based on the existing characteristics of your target audience, lookalike audience helps you find an audience that shares similar characteristics, but yet it is untapped by you. You can run targeted ads for your lookalike audience to introduce your brand to them.

6. Practice Social Listening

Your audience is on social media talking about their likes, dislikes, pain points and so on. Many brands miss out on the opportunity of using social media as an effective lead generation platform. Do you know that by making social listening or monitoring a part of your social media strategy, you can bring in potential customers for your brand without spending a single penny?

Use Twitter to monitor keywords and hashtags of pertaining to your product, service, industry, your brand, and your competitors to see what people are talking about. Whenever you see an opportunity, get in touch with them and take it from there. It may be a person looking for a solution that you offer or an irate customer of your competitor or of your brand for that matter. Respond to them immediately and try to make it right by offering them help.

Social listening goes a long way as you understand the issues faced by your customers which you can then talk about in your marketing campaigns and convert casual followers into customers.

Closing Thoughts

Lead generation doesn’t end when you make a user sign-up for a free trial or download an ebook. It also extends towards staying in touch with them to make them into paying customers. Hope these 6 strategies have given you a few ideas that you can integrate into your marketing to increase your conversion rate.

We would like to know which strategy resonated with you the most and would like to try out immediately. Let us know in the comments below!

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