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How to excel as a digital marketer with Jitendra Vaswani

Jitendra Vaswani is the founder of BloggersIdeas, DigiexeSchema Plugin Schema Ninja, and also the author of “Inside A Hustler’s Brain: In Pursuit of Financial Freedom.” You can find him on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

This is our recent interview with him to know the secret of his success as a blogger and a digital marketer. He’ll also be shedding some light on conversion rate optimization and tips for ecommerce business owners.

Q1. How did he first get involved with SEO and the world of Digital Marketing?

I started my digital marketing journey in 2012 while working as an SEO executive. I started at a meager salary package, and I was very disheartened. But suddenly I developed interested in SEO and from that point, my life took a U-turn, and I did a job for 2 and a half years before starting my first blog: and rest is history. In my book, I have described everything about my journey.

Q2. How has your journey been and what challenges did you face?

I would suggest not to start a business with your best friend.

I faced a lot of challenges along the way. Such, creating content for my blog, it was very hard for me in beginning. I made a lot of grammatical errors in my initial blog posts.

Then there was a hosting blunder. I chose a low quality hosting at the beginning of my blog due to which my downtime was high and complaints rose. So whenever you start your blog, choose the right hosting for your business because it’s crucial for your blog.

The last and most important lesson is to choose the right business partner. I would suggest not to start a business with your best friend because I did so and ended up losing $20000. Always have proper legal agreement and everything ready before doing business.

Q3. Can you share with us how has BloggersIdeas grown?

I can give you an example. I can share my early blog stats showing how my blog grew. This stats is here to inspire people and display how blogging changed my life because I was consistent.

This screenshot was taken when I started my blogging journey in 2013:

bloggerideas 2013


From that, I put efforts into my blog by applying strategies I learned from Neil Patel & Brian Dean.
If you don’t take any actions and keep learning every day then it’s useless. You need to implement knowledge on your projects. Without implementation your ideas are baseless.

Below is a screenshot from 2014, the blog traffic grew by approx 60%.

bloggersideas 2014

Q4. What tips would you like to give to our audience for improving the conversion rate of their ecommerce website?

Giveaways are one of the best ways to get great conversation rates.

Here are value terms you can use to make your giveaway more enticing:

  • “Featured”
  • “Exclusive”
  • “Advanced”
  • “Offer Expires”
  • “Secrets”
  • “Access”
  • “Special Offer”
  • “Limited Time”

Create product Scarcity: Creating scarcity creates a sense of urgency which in turn boosts conversion rates.

You can see below how amazon creates urgency.

amazon urgency

Seasonal promotions are another way to boost conversions.

Giving seasonal discounts always works. Check out how alidropship is promoting seasonal discounts.

alidropship seasonal promo

Q5. What are your top 3 tips for ecommerce website owners in 2019?

Here are some of the tips that have been working for me:

  1. Chatbots: They are taking over the digital space and many business owners are now integrating chatbots in their business websites to increase sales & conversions. Chatbots ensure that the customer queries are addressed when you’re not available to do so.
  2. Trusted Payment Gateways: Make sure that you have trusted payment gateways. If you don’t have one, nobody’s going to buy from you, as customers want to feel secure before they make a purchase on your store.
  3. Get a Toll-Free Phone Number: 57% of online shoppers prefer using the phone to contact vendors if they have an issue. Having toll free number displayed on your ecommerce website gives customers trust, and they might feel more secure that if the order doesn’t go through they can have an actual conversation with the support team and get their orders processed. Many ecommerce businesses claim having toll free number actually helped them get more customers.

Q6. How was your experience using HumCommerce?

HumCommerce is a very powerful tool. My experience with it has been amazing and hence I’ve even reviewed it. It helped me understand the user behavior on my website and make changes to improve the UX.

Want to start using HumCommerce for free? Sign-up here.

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