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Importance Of Meta Description In SEO

It is one of the most crucial elements of a website. Search engines show these snippets on their result pages to let the viewers know what a page is about. It will not be wrong to say that a meta data is the gateway to a web page as in most of the cases. People visit a page when they find the meta description interesting and useful. So, a quality meta data is a lifeline for a website.
In this article, we will tell you how to write a good meta description. 

What is a meta description? 

Well, it refers to a  short description that summarises the content of a webpage. It is simply an HTML tag. Visitors click and visit your site only if this description is relevant for their search. In the search engine result pages or SERP, search engines usually show the same descriptive information that you have updated on your post or page. 

What is the meta description character limit? 

The optimal length for a meta description is believed to be 50 – 160 characters.
Google has set its meta description length to 920 pixels.
This means that you can use a  maximum of 158 characters.

For mobile devices, the size is 620 pixels which mean approximately 120 characters. The idea behind the meta description is to give the visitors an idea about the content of the page and also the website.

In any case, it should present a complete picture. Character limit is not the only thing that Google or other search engines care for. There are many more factors that matter.

One of the most important things is, whether your metadata satisfies the searchers’ intent. Therefore, Make sure while writing a meta tags that it answers searchers’ queries. Character limit comes next.     

What is a good meta description example?

Here are some good examples of meta descriptions


Google – Meta Description

“ Search the world’s information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many features to help you find exactly what you are looking for.” 


“Learn about working at Automattic. Join LinkedIn today for free. See who you know at Automattic, leverage your professional network, and get hired.”   


“ Get a ride in minutes with Uber, your destination is at your fingertips. Just open the app and enter where you want to go, and a nearby driver will help you get there relibly.

Why do meta tags have tremendous importance in SEO?  

Search engines don’t have any direct connection with meta descriptions. They seldom use them in their search algorithms. However, there are lots of indirect benefits of having a sound meta descriptions. Here are a few – 

  • Meta tags influence click-through rates 

It give viewers idea about what content lies in your pages. If at the first glance they find your meta description interesting, they fill like going through the detailed texts. It influences your click-through rate.  

  • Acts as organic ad texts 

Your meta description speaks about your features and in what way your users can be beneficial using them. It works exactly like an ad campaign. It creates an interest among the viewers to visit your pages.  

  • Reduces bounce rates 

If your meta description is catchy enough it holds back the viewers. If they feel they will find some good information on your pages, they will visit them and get engaged with your content. It reduces your bounce rate.   

  • Influences conversion rates 

It has a direct influence on conversions. Also, it helps in increasing traffic, holds back the customers and conveys the benefits of your products. It increases chances for conversions. If you add a CTA button near the meta description, the conversion rate will increase even more. 

Our 12 tips on how to write a good meta description

1. Keep in within the prescribed character limits 

It is always advisable to make your meta description short and crispy. It should neither be too long nor too short. In a few selected words, it should be able to convey the message you want to communicate with your viewers. A good idea is to stay within the prescribed words limit as they are well-researched formats. And, in normal circumstances, search engines prefer these formats.   

2. Use focus keywords 

Keywords are lifelines in content marketing. They not just give you a good position in SEO pages but also drive more traffic. Focus keywords are high volume and relevant keywords. If you want to increase your popularity, use some focus keywords in your meta tags.   

3. Use active voice 

If you address your viewers directly by using active voice, it works better. People can relate to you easily as they develop a feeling that their issues are being directly addressed. The other reason for this is, use of active voice makes your meta description simple and easy to understand.    

4. Be specific and compact 

Your meta description should be comprehensive and compact. There should not be any scope of ambiguity. So you must be specific about the things you are talking about. Do not include any additional details. Give as much information as required. Otherwise, confusions may develop.    

5. It must match the content of the page 

Whenever you write a meta description, be sure about the points you need to include. You have to be very careful about the purpose. It should always match the content of the page for which you are writing it. It should include all the key points of the contents of the page. 

6. Must be unique 

There has to be some kind of uniqueness in your meta data. You should look different from the rest in the queue. If there is something unusual in your description, people will find it interesting and will feel like visiting your pages. It will increase your traffic.    

7. Talk about benefits and urgency 

A million-dollar question that comes to the mind of every visitor when he visits a product page is, what benefit will he get out of it? Your product may have hundreds of good features but if the customers don’t find it beneficial, it is of no use. This is the reason, you need to communicate the benefits clearly in your meta description. Apart from that, if you add some kind of urgency like the offer is valid for only a few days, it works more.    

8. Communicate values 

If you can attach some kind of value to your meta tags people find it more impressive. For this, you have to be very target specific. Every group has its own values and social or cultural ethos. These are very sensitive touchpoints. If you can hit them, it will work like magic. 

9. Reflect the tone and voice of the brand 

Your meta description should always be in line with your brand image and convey the brand values. So, you have to be very careful about your selection of words, construction of the sentences and the tone of writing while composing your meta data.  

10. Make it appealing 

If you put information merely, it may not seem very attractive to the viewers. But if there is an emotional appeal, people find it very catchy. Always try to create an emotional appeal in the meta tags. Emotional appeal convinces visitors more.     

11. It’s always better to make it actionable 

It is always advisable to make your meta description capable of initiating your desired action. The action can be anything depending on your purpose from filling up a form to purchase. You have to use some trick like putting an offer or discount or any such thing. It increases impulsive purchase.  

12. Include CTA 

Your conversion rate is bound to increase if you add a CTA. Try to place it near the meta description if you don’t include it at the end of the description. If your description is actionable and immediately after reading it the viewers find a CTA, they click it in most of the cases. It increases conversion. 


The meta description does not have any direct influence on your SEO position but in a passive way, it contributes a lot. As meta description is the element that the search engines display on its search pages, this is the first thing about you that visitors notice. If it is attractive, it compels the viewers to visit your pages. It increases you popularity as well as traffic.

If your contents are engaging, bounce rate also decreases. There are chances of getting links also if you have quality content on your pages. All these things together help you get a good SEO position. We have given here some tips to write catchy meta descriptions shared by experts. Try these points, your SEO rank will definitely improve.  There are lots of SEO extensions that can give you information about meta description. Our fevourite tools to identify Meta description on a page are Ahrefs and SEO Meta in 1 click.

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