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How To Do Shopping Cart Abandonment Analysis Using HumCommere

Facing issues of Shopping cart abandonment? Your business might be struggling to find out why your visitors are not converting.

We have brought here an easy solution for all your problems. HumCommerce WordPress Plugin will help you to analyse the issue of cart abandonment, find the root cause and fix the problems without any hassles. It is a user-friendly WordPress plugin designed for visitor analysis and Conversion rate optimisation. In this article, we will tell you in detail about how to use the plugin to fix the issues related to cart abandonment.  

What is shopping cart abandonment? 

The word shopping cart abandonment simply refers to a phenomenon of customers adding items to their cart but never completing the translation process. It is one of the most common and significant contributors to lost sales in the world of eCommerce.  

How to analyse cart abandonment on a WordPress website?  

Mitigating against cart abandonment is a big challenge. First of all, you need to find out why people are leaving and not coming back after adding products to their carts. Whether they are facing any issue in completing the shopping process or there is something else that is stopping them from converting. Here we will discuss some of the major things to consider while making an analysis of cart abandonment. 

Things to consider while analysing cart abandonment 

1. How much does a shopping cart cost? 

Price is the most crucial factor when it comes to buying something. Sometimes, people keep adding items to their cart, but ultimately, when they find that the amount is going too high, they abandon the items. It is a common phenomenon. In this case, you have to conduct research to find out what price will be affordable for your visitors. 

2. Is the process working smoothly? 

Sometimes people quit because they face some technical problems. It may be because of the functioning of your website. If your customers are not able to add items to their cart and later make the payment smoothly, it is quite obvious on their part to abandon the cart. 

3. Did the customer face any issue with coupon code? 

There are times when people find that the coupon code is not matching or they are getting a message stating that the coupon code is invalid. In such a situation, it is quite natural that they will leave the cart. You need to make sure that every single function of your website works properly and there is no fault from your side.  

4. Are the customers facing any issue while making the payment? 

Sometimes people abandon their cart because they face some difficulty or get stuck while making the payment. This is a very common problem that people face in online shopping. You need to check your payment methods. See whether they are working properly. Check the payment gateways you use. Sometimes, unfamiliarity with the payment gateway or method also results in shopping cart abandonment. Use an easy payment method. Another solution is to keep the COD option open wherever possible.  Even today, a large number of people prefer to make the payment in person using the cash on delivery method. 

How to analyse shopping cart abandonment issues? 

In order to fix the problem of cart abandonment, the first thing you need to do is to go for deep analysis to find out why people are leaving. And, it is not as easy as it seems. You need a proper tool for it. HumCommerce is a WordPress plugin for analytics and conversion rate optimisation. It will offer you almost everything that you need to carry an analysis of the shopping cart abandonment. 

How Does Using HumCommerce Web Analytics Tool Help 

– Heatmaps 

Heatmap analysis helps you to find out which pages are performing better. HumCommerce offers you page level heatmap functionalities. This helps you to find out what are the elements that work better for your target group. HumCommerce lets you generate heatmaps for all devices. You can track every single cursor movement of the visitors with an exclusive visual representation. It helps you to find out what is distracting the users.    

The heatmap analysis helps you to find out whether the users are missing the links you want them to click on. If so then what is the reason for that? Are they not able to find the links or are the links not working properly? Once you identify the root cause behind the abandonment, fixing the issue is a matter of a few minutes.   

– Session recordings 

Session recordings are the best way to find out what stops people from converting. It helps you monitor every detail minutely and take corrective measures. You can see precisely when a customer leaves and get an idea of what went wrong. With HumCommerce, you can play session recordings at different speeds as per your convenience. 

You can go directly to specific pages and see what exactly the buyers see on those pages. It will help you to understand what are the contents that trigger more buyer interaction. This gives you an idea about the likings and preferences of your customers. If you can display products of their choice, they will engage more and go for buying whatever they add to the cart.    

– Visitors Analytics

HumComerce is one of the few rare WordPress plugins that allows you to segment users’ data by multiple dimensions. It helps you to gain a deep insight into the customers’ behaviour. You can track all the metrics in real-time. The most interesting feature of the plugin is, here all the visits and actions are linked to one single visitor ID. You can track each individual visitor and compare data over a period for every single form or across all the forms.      

The plugin brings a lifetime view of every single action of all visits in one place. You can easily track all visits of every user and see details about every page and every single purchase. You can also compare data between two periods. 

– Form Analytics 

The form analytics features of HumCommerce helps you to improve conversions for your forms. It lets you analyse form starter rate, submitter and re submitter rate, conversion rate hesitation time and fields data. 

Using HumCommerce you can find out the field that your users need to correct most often. You can also identify the most time-consuming fields and also the field your users ignore the most. It helps you to understand what kind of inconveniences your users face. Accordingly, you can make changes to your forms and reduce the rate of cart abandonment. 

eCommerce Data

Ecommerce data collection is much easier than you think with HumCommerce. It provides you with detailed statistics and reports. The plugin helps you to build unlimited flexible conversion funnels. There are features like visual funnel representation and real-time data collection. You can locate the exact pages where your visitors leave your funnel, go for further analysis and take corrective actions. If you can analyse the pages thoroughly where people left, what else can be a better option to find out the real cause of shopping cart abandonment. The reports show you details about each step of your funnel.

There are features to find out how many goals are converted into each customers’ journey. Any moment you can check your performance over a period of time with just a few clicks. The eCommerce data helps you to personalise your contents to attract more visitors and also to tackle the problem of cart abandonment.   

Survey and polls 

Surveys are very important tools if you want to know the customer’s reaction towards your online shop deeply. Feedback is the best way to know what people like about you and what they dislike. A survey is the easiest way to collect feedback. If the questions are open-ended, visitors can share in detail what issues they faced and what are the things they expect on your website. HumCommerce comes with many easy to use features to create online surveys or polls.  

The plugin offers you lots of responsive survey widgets which can be placed anywhere on your site. You can display different survey feedback widgets on different pages. The survey responses are reflected instantly on your dashboard. The plugin supports any screen sizes and all modern browsers. So, you can create a survey using any device.   


The rich features of HumCommerce will let you understand thoroughly what exactly stops your users from conversion. Why do they abandon even after adding products to their carts? The plugin also helps you to take corrective measures. After you install the plugin, you will be able to fix all the issues you are facing in no time.
This will improve the cart abandonment rate on your website. The conversion rate will also start increasing in a few days.    

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