Reasons Why HumCommerce is a good alternative to HotJar

6 Reasons why HumCommerce is a good HotJar alternative

Are you looking for a good HotJar alternative? Thinking which tool to switch to? This article will tell you all the right reasons to choose HumCommerce over HotJar.

I’ll give you six reasons (plus one bonus reason) to choose HumCommerce over HotJar.

Before we get into the reasons, take a look at what both the tools provide.

HC vs Hotjar

Moving ahead.

Reason #1: Un-sampled session recordings

HumCommerce by default doesn’t limit the sample rate of the session recordings, unlike HotJar. This provides more data to go through and make calculated decisions. The more sample data, the better.

HumCommerce gives you the option to choose the sample rate.

session recording sample rate

Reason #2: Heatmaps for Dynamic Elements

Unlike HotJar, HumCommerce heatmap takes screenshots of pop-ups which are revealed in the page dynamically after some time. This gives you the ability to analyze how people interact with the pop-ups.

Dynamic element heatmap screenshot

Reason #3: Form Analytics Feature

Analyzing forms is crucial when it comes to conversion rate optimization. You need to know the pain points of a visitor while they fill a form on your website. The form can be a simple contact form, or a subscription form, or something more complex such as the checkout form.

HumCommerce form analytics

Advantages of form analytics:

  • Get a better understanding of how effective your forms are
  • Helps you identify where on the form visitors are hesitating the most
  • Find out the field of your form due to which visitors are abandoning your form

Reason #4: Deep E-commerce Integration

This is probably the most important reason why HumCommerce is a good HotJar alternative. Deep e-commerce integration will track all the e-commerce data of your website.

So what all does it track?

  • Conversion rate
  • Abandoned Carts
  • Visitor profiles
  • Individual product performance
  • Days to conversion

and much more!

ecommerce overview

(E-commerce overview)

Channel wise sales data

(Channel-wise data)

Individual product performance

(Individual product performance)

visitor profile

(Visitor profile)

Analyzing the ecommerce data, you can take calculated decisions to make your strategy.

Reason #5: A/B Testing

Session recordings. Check.

Heatmap. Check.

What about A/B testing?

What will you do with the analysis you’ve done by looking at the session recordings and heatmaps?

You need to implement it right?

A/B testing is the best way to find out the effectiveness of changing elements of your webpage. You can use HumCommerce to display two different versions of the same webpage to your users and see which one has the most engagement.

If you’re just analyzing and not A/B testing, you shouldn’t expect a boost in conversion rate.

Reason #6: Custom Reports

We know that every organization and business have different performance indicators and goals. Custom Reports lets you create reports in HumCommerce itself. They help you get the insights you need in order to reach your goals. It also helps you to optimize your website.

HumCommerce allows you to choose from over 200 metrics and dimensions as well as different visualizations while creating a custom report.

Bonus Reason

The pricing!

Apart from the free plan (which offers all the premium features), HumCommerce is offering a limited period lifetime deal which costs just $49 (one-time fee) for lifetime access to the HumCommerce PRO plan.

I think you’ve got enough reasons for why HumCommerce is a good HotJar alternative 🙂

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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