What is: Exit Survey

What’s an exit survey?

An exit survey is a survey tool that asks people leaving your site why they left. A majority of your visitors leave without you knowing the reason. An exit survey will persuade your visitors to share the reason for them leaving your website. Their valuable feedback will help you increase conversion on your website.

How to conduct an exit survey?

You can conduct an exit survey by asking a group of questions just when the visitor is about to leave (exit intent). After the survey, you can offer an incentive to your visitors in exchange for their valuable feedback.

There are various paid and free survey tools available which will enable you to conduct exit surveys.

Here are some basic questions that you can ask in your exit survey:

  1. What was the one thing that almost stopped you from buying our product?
  2. What other products or product features would you like us to offer?
  3. Is our pricing model clear to you?
  4. What do you like the least/the most about our website?
  5. Which of our competitors did you consider before choosing us?

These are some of the questions that can give you a better insight of what your visitors want.

Shardul Deshmukh

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