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What is: Configurable Product

A configurable product in Magento 2 is a representation of all variants of a simple product generated due to different attributes. The primary benefit of creating a configurable product in Magento is to avoid showing duplicate content. For example, a polo t-shirt can be available in different sizes and colors. But product description for each variation of these t-shirts will show the same content. To avoid this, a set of variations is grouped under a unique configurable product title.


Product images, pricing and inventory levels can be set in bulk using configurable product option or can be set individually at SKU level. The configurable product allows buyers to use drop down lists or visual swatches to select the product variant based on attribute value.


configurable product example


Another benefit of configurable products is that unique, simple products for all variations of a product are generated automatically. Say, you have a t-shirt which is available in sizes M, L and XL sizes and red and blue colors.You’ll need to create six unique, simple products. Imagine doing this task on the whole store level. To avoid redundancy of work and save time, creating configurations will be a much easier task.

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