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How to use Chatbots to increase customer engagement in Magento 2

Chatbots – computer programs who chat with you – are the biggest buzz around today. You’re always hearing about how big brands and even governments are automating processes with chatbots. Gone are the days when bots were monotonous in nature. With the advent of AI backed programs, we have new chat companions who learn from experience. Amongst many uses of artificial intelligence and programs which use machine learning, chatbots are the ones which caught our eye. We’ll discuss and list out reasons in this article, why and how to use chatbots in Magento 2 to boost customer engagement.


Why use Chatbots?

  • Chatbots never sleep: Have you waited for a couple of days to get a response from a seller? In the fast paced world of e-commerce, support is a crucial element of customer engagement. Unlike their human counterparts in customer support, chatbots don’t need to sleep or take breaks. This means your customers need not wait long hours for replies to their queries.
  • No More Queues: Isn’t it a pain when you have to wait in a queue because the support agent is busy on another call? Customer time is valuable, waiting for a response causes irritation for customers who are looking for a problem to be solved and are already agitated. More than 80% of customer problems are similar in nature, where automated solutions help. As chatbots are computer programs, they have the ability to multitask at a scalable level. They can be available for customers whenever they need help – meaning no more waiting music!
  • Effective Use of Data: Does it elevate your mood when you receive personalized greetings and wishes on your special day? Excellent customer relationship management (CRM) is the basis of any successful business. Chatbots can use data like birthdays, anniversaries etc., to send greetings and offers to your customers. You can use the data at hand effectively to promote your brand and stay in touch with your clients. This increases engagement, customer satisfaction, and brand loyalty.
  • Instant Notifications: You may have faced this problem many times – you are eager to buy that fantastic deal on electronics, you rush to visit your favorite e-commerce site and try to buy it, but the product is already out of stock. This may happen in your business as well, which usually results in an abandoned cart. Your potential buyer may find the product elsewhere or may lose interest. Chatbots help you tackle this problem. There are features in a few chatbots available on the market, where a customer can opt-in for a “Back-in-stock” or “Coming Soon” notification.


Increase Engagement using Chatbots


  • Saving Wishlist and Ordering from Your Favourite Chat Platform: Your biggest challenge running an online business is converting sales from. There are times when a customer adds a product to her wish list but forgets to buy it later. The reason a customer ‘forgets’ to buy a product is usually due to the number of steps involved to place the order from wishlist.You can optimize the sales process by simply allowing your customers to add products to wishlist on chat apps. Once the product is added to a wishlist on Messenger, it remains visible to explore. It serves as a reminder of ‘need’ for the product. Many of us check our chat apps like Facebook Messenger a number of times in a day. Your customers are also online, so you can benefit from improved product visibility and the chances of making a sale increase.Chatbots enable catalog browsing and order placing. So your customers can search for products and place orders right from the chatting app itself.
  • Tracking information and Order status: To build trust and rapport with your customers, you need to make it easy for them to get information from you. Customers can easily track the shipment and check order status using chatbots. Convenience to fetch transactional and tracking information readily from a business increases customer satisfaction.
  • Support for Types of Products: Ever felt restricted because you cannot browse a product properly? I feel annoyed when a product page acts up and spoils browsing experience. Your Magento 2 store has different types of products – simple, configurable, bundled, downloadable and virtual. Chatbots support various types of products, which can be sent to and configured from the messenger apps. Your customers can customize the product, selecting different attributes like color, size etc according to their preference, right from the Messenger app.


Which Chatbots are available for Magento 2?

Current chatbot technologies for Magento 2 are using Facebook Messenger platform’s API to send and receive text, images, links and call-to-action buttons. The current capability of bots is reserved to browsing catalogs, sending messages and notifications (using natural language processing).

The biggest advantage of using Messenger platform is its 900 million users. With an impressive rate of over 90% of messages being opened in Messenger, you can tap into the reach it provides.


Following are the best chatbot assistants available for Magento 2 with their features and pricing –

Woxy – Messenger Shopping Assistant

Woxy lets you build a new kind of brand experience for your Magento 2 e-commerce store. It allows your customers to save and share products in messenger. They can even place an order directly through the chat app.



  • Save products in Facebook Messenger
  • Send instant back-in-stock/coming soon notifications
  • Select product attributes right in Facebook Messenger (color, size, brand, etc.)
  • Customer support directly through Messenger
  • Configure automated replies to standard customer queries

Features under development:

  • Quick check out to buy products in Messenger
  • Send order status and package tracking alerts
  • Send personalized offers and recommendations
  • Monitor site activity with Admin notifications in Messenger
  • Detailed report on all activities in Woxy dashboard


  • Woxy is a subscription-based product – $149 per year.
  • The extension comes with FREE Installation.


Webkul – Facebook Chatbot for Magento 2

facebook chatbot webkulAs the name suggests, Facebook Chatbot is developed for Facebook’s Messenger platform. Businesses can set automated communication for their customers. Customers can send messages to businesses and receive instant replies for their questions. You can add templates for greeting messages and product search.


  • Enable or Disable Facebook Chatbot status.
  • Add content to various messages – greeting, not found, product search.
  • Add various keywords for searching products.
  • Show products from the store in the messenger.
  • The user can click the link to view the site, products, category.
  • Multiple language translation support.
  • You can customize the source code according to your business requirements.


  • Facebook Chatbot costs $99.
  • The extension comes with an installation fee of $19.80.


Ways to effectively use chatbots

E-commerce through social channels has exploded in the past few years. In past year alone, nearly 2 billion messages have been exchanged between businesses and customers. Nielson’s Facebook Messaging Survey showed that 53% of the customers say that they trust a business more if they can reach out to them easily.

A few ways in which deploying chatbots can help your business grow:

  • Raise Awareness: Want to leverage a local event? You can create a campaign targeting your desired segment and deploy chatbots to answer queries related to local attractions. This way you can raise awareness of your own brand through increased visibility.
  • Acquire Customers: You can allow people to tell the chatbot assistant which location they want to avail your services and which service they want to go for. The chatbot can then give them time and date of their appointment. Sephora saw an 11% increase in booking rate using reservation assistant bot.
  • Enable Transactions: The one thing that you must do as an e-commerce business is to enable your customer to transact as easily as possible. Use chatbot assistants to smoothen the process, by creating automated responses to general questions. Ask questions which will help you deduce what your customer really wants. Provide product information easily to the customers in chats. And finally, design these questions and answers to slowly push the customer to your desired call-to-action.
  • Provide Support: Excellent support is one of the pillars for growth. Use chatbots to respond to general queries which don’t require much interaction. This will help decrease overall call load on your contact centers, in, increasing employee productivity. Globe Telecom used hybrid messenger bot to reduce call load to their hotline by 50%. They saw a 22% higher customer satisfaction rate with chatbots as compared to call center interactions.
  • Encourage Referrals: Social media is a lot about referrals. When a customer likes your product or service, they refer it to their friends. Making Messenger or a chat app your touch point with customers will help smoothen this process. Sharing products and reviews has never been easier.


What does the Future hold?

There are immense possibilities for chatbots becoming mainstream. Backed by machine learning, chatbots will be able to give an experience which would be more human-like. Future chatbots will be able to sense anguish, agitation or hurry. They’ll be able to pass on the conversation to their human counterpart when they don’t know the answer. They’ll be able to learn from the interaction and will be able to cater to similar queries later.

Chatbots will change the way customers interact with brands as their skill set grows. Customers, with the help of intelligent chatbots, will be able to reach out to brands for all their queries right from their mobile devices or personal voice assistants.

Putting it all together:

According to recent research estimates, over 2 billion people will make some form of transaction over mobile devices globally in 2017. Tapping into social media channels using chatbots will help you grow your online business leaps and bounds. Chatbots are an excellent alternative to IVR – interactive voice response system. They are ideal for a business with a small team, as you don’t have to deploy a lot of your resources for customer support. Automating simple processes with chatbots will leave you with more time to observe your growth curve. This means more time and money for you to invest back into your business and grow your bottomline.

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