What is: Cart abandonment

It is when a visitor starts the purchasing process on an e-commerce website but does not buy a product at the end.

Cart abandonment is a term used in e-commerce to describe a visitor on a web page who leaves that particular page before completing the desired action. Examples of shopping cart abandonment refers to visitors who add items to their online shopping cart, but exit without buying it (completing the purchase).

Reasons for abandoning shopping cart

The reasons will vary from sector to sector, but here are some of the most common reasons to abandon cart.

  • Visitor was ‘just looking’ i.e. not ready to buy
  • The visitor wanted to compare prices
  • Visitor had an issue with shipping
  • Abandoning due to a lack of payment options
  • Visitor decided to buy in-store instead
  • Technical issue

How to combat cart abandonment

Here are some of the ways you can combat cart abandonment:

  • Helping customers in reaching to your products by providing information to your shoppers.
  • Proper payment, shipping, and returns options.
  • Optimize the form filling procedure by providing necessary fields only.
  • Improve your checkout process so that the shopper doesn’t face difficulties while checking out.
  • Follow up the people who abandoned the cart, via email.
  • Conduct abandon surveys to know the exact reason of abandonment.

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