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10 Best FREE plugins to optimize your WooCommerce Store

With the right plugins, you can optimize your WooCommerce store to grow your online business. The best plugins add to your WooCommerce store’s functionality and boost sales. Check out our top 10 list of the best free plugins for your WooCommerce store and amplify your results today! Our list has been carefully vetted to bring the best plugins out there, to you.

10 Best FREE plugins for your WooCommerce Store

1.      HumCommerce Plugin


‘Why’ in a line: Take strategic decisions for your online store to optimize conversions.

The HumCommerce plugin starts recording user sessions as soon as it is installed and activated. Every 24 hours, you get an analysis report on user behavior. And you can also access individual recordings of user sessions. These insights give you a bird’s eye view of the customer experience, on your WooCommerce site.

And how will all this benefit you?

By understanding how users interact with your site, you can make relevant decisions to optimize your WooCommerce store. Tweak the parts that are working for you. And fix the glitches that are driving your customers away.

Wondering how much is this going to cost you? Well, nothing. The plugin is FREE with no hidden costs. Click on this link to try HumCommerce now!

2.      WPLegalPages Plugin

‘Why’ in a line: Make your WooCommerce store legally compliant.

When running a business, online or offline, it’s best to stay legally compliant. For an online store, that means having the relevant legal policy pages, disclosures, and more. The WPLegalPages plugin lets you do just that!

Once the plugin is set up, you can start generating policy pages in a few steps. Add your business information, select a legal page template, click generate, and it’s done.

You can pick between a variety of legal pages such as privacy policy, terms & conditions, privacy notice for CCPA, DMCA policy, and other 25+ templates. You can also customize these templates or integrate them with a contact form.

Click here to install the WPLegalPages plugin and secure your WooComerce store with legal policy pages. Pick between the free and paid versions according to your type of business.

3.      Mailchimp for WooCommerce Plugin

mailchimp for woocommerce

Why’ in a line: Email marketing solution for your WooCommerce store.

Growing your business means communicating with customers who are at different stages of a buyer’s journey. Email marketing can only work wonders when your emails are personalized and targeted. The MailChimp for WooCommerce plugin lets you achieve all that and more!

You can sync buyer data with the Mailchimp account, design and implement targeted campaigns, and measure the ROI of your campaigns. What Mailchimp does is it lets you optimize and automate your marketing efforts to achieve your marketing goals.

This in turn helps you clock in more sales and acquire loyal customers. Click here to get started on your marketing campaign with the Mailchimp plugin. You can try either the free plugin or upgrade to a paid version.

4.      YITH plugin


 ‘Why’ in a line: Enhance your customer experience by adding ‘Wishlists’ to your store.

The YITH plugin lets you enhance your customers’ experience with Wishlists. With Wishlists, visitors to your WooCommerce store can save what they like, compare it later, and make purchase decisions. It is thus, an important part of a customer’s online shopping experience.

With YITH plugin, users can save products and share their wishlist on social media, among other custom features.  You can also motivate users to buy or suggest similar products with targeted emails. This way you can not only gain loyal and repeat customers, but also attract new customers via social media networking.

The plugin is available in free and premium versions. 

5.   WP Cookie Notice Plugin

WP Cookie consent plugin

‘Why’ in a line: Make your online store cookie law and ‘Do not sell’ rule compliant.

If you’re running an online store for visitors from the EU or California, your website has to comply with the cookie law of 2002 and the CCPA ‘Do not sell’ rule. You can do that in a few, easy steps with the WP Cookie Notice plugin.

By installing and activating the plugin you can set up a custom cookie consent bar on your website. Additionally, you can also display a custom ‘Do not sell’ notice to stay CCPA compliant.

The plugin keeps you away from infringing any GDPR or ePrivacy laws and track consents were given by users. It is available in both free and paid versions. Download the WP Cookie Notice plugin now

6.     WooCommerce Stripe Plugin

stripe for woocommerce

‘Why’ in a line: Secure and versatile payment gateway for your WooCommerce store.

With the WooCommerce plugin your site is ready as an online store. The Stripe extension, on the other hand, makes your WooCommerce online store ready for sales.

By setting up Stripe plugin for WooCommerce, you can accept payments on your store directly. Customers are not redirected to an externally hosted checkout page. And this in turn contributes to high conversion rates.

The Stripe plugin allows transactions from a variety of Debit and Credit cards. And in more than 135 currencies. This also includes digital payments made through Google Pay, Apple Pay, Alipay, iDeal, and others. In addition to this, you can also authorize and process refunds from your dashboard.

The plugin is free to set up and has no hidden costs. It only charges you when you earn money.

7.    Variation Swatches Plugin

vartation swatches

‘Why’ in a line: Boost sales with optimized product pages.

Product pages can make or break a sale. Their functionality and design are thus very important to ensure the success of your online store.

Exploring product variants via drop-down menus is an archaic process now. The Variation swatches plugin lets you set up a visual and more engaging way of displaying your product variations.

Once you install and activate the plugin, you can automatically convert your drop-down menus into swatch buttons. You can choose the size and shape of these swatch buttons. And also pick the type of swatches you want among color, image, and label variation swatches.

In addition to this, the plugin gives you many more customizable options. You can tweak the settings to best optimize the design of your product variations and ultimately, your product page. The aesthetic, easy-to-explore swatch buttons help you create a buyer’s intent and drive sales.

8.   Customer Reviews for WooCommerce Plugin

customer reviews for woocommerce

‘Why’ in a line: Increase sales with social proof.

The Customer Reviews plugin works as an interface to your WooCommerce store, making it one of the best Ecommerce WordPress plugins. After you activate the plugin, it requests, collects, verifies, integrates, and imports reviews from customers who’ve bought from your online store.

To encourage customers to leave reviews, the plugin lets you offer discount codes as a ‘thank you’. With verified customer reviews on your online store, you can get higher conversions, better SEO, actionable feedback, and loyal customers.

The plugin provides three blocks that you can choose from reviews grid, slider, and trust badge. 

9. WooCommerce PDF Invoices Plugin

pdf for woocommerce

‘Why’ in a line: Level up your online store with professional PDF invoices/ packing slips.

This is a simple and easy-to-use plugin to add PDF invoices automatically to order confirmation emails. You can either get started with the basic template or modify it according to your requirements.

The plugin lets you generate bulk invoices or packing slips. You can download these to ship product orders with ease. You can also keep track of your invoices with sequential invoice numbers. The plugin is available in multiple languages and is a useful extension to your WooCommerce store.

10.   Advanced Coupons Plugin

coupons for woocommerce

‘Why’ in a line: Smart coupons for better marketing and sales outcomes.

The Advanced Coupons plugin adds to the usability of WooCommerce coupons. Recognizing the limitations of WooCommerce coupons, it basically lets you use coupons in ways you couldn’t use before.

The Advanced coupon plugin helps you leverage the coupon discounts in the best possible way. Through the plugin, you can run BOGO (Buy One Get One) deals. Or set up shopping cart rules to prevent coupon misuse. You can also create URL coupons for versatility. And segregate coupons according to their types.

The plugin offers many more features to help grow your WooCommerce powered business and increase your conversions. The plugin extends the functionality of WooCommerce coupons. Thus, making coupon deals more profitable and money-saving. It is available in both free and paid versions.

11. Woo Auction Software – WooCommerce Plugin.

WooAuction software is an advanced and FREE WordPress auction plugin. The plugin helps you to convert your WordPress website into an online auction store in just a few clicks. The plugin comes with many readymade widgets and rich features that will help you to create a very smooth auction.

 This tool features three different types of auctions – forward auction, reverse auction and penny auction. It also comprises advanced features like automatic bid increment, proxy bidding and anti sniping.

 The plugin is compatible with the latest versions of WordPress and PHP. It is easily customizable. 

How will this plugin benefit you?

You can run eBay style auctions. Users are securely login through Safe Authentication before they can bid. All the auctions can also be scheduled manually. The website owner can translate the website contents into any language and conduct auctions in different languages. Auctioneers can translate website contents into any language and conduct auctions.



Our list of the 10 Best FREE plugins for your WooCommerce Store will get you started on a successful path and help promote WooCommerce products on marketplaces. But if you have any specific query or need a suggestion, just drop a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.  

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